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How to Get Your Wedding Featured w/Lindsay Irvin from Arkansas Bride

One of the first questions most brides ask their planner - how do I get my wedding featured? Join us as we learn the ins and outs of publication from the editor of Arkansas Bride Magazine Lindsay Irvin, and discover just what the magazines are looking for when selecting weddings to publish!

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Hey, I'm Brock with Brock entertainment am Amanda with Amanda Reed weddings. And this is the I do IQ Podcast where each and every week we're gonna be discussing the latest in wedding and event trend. And we're going to let you know all the things that you need to know in order to make your event the most special. Yeah, and Indian, you will have the best wedding and event experience ever. And something tells me we're going to have a little fun along the way. I don't know about that. I'm a pretty serious guy, man. And this is a serious topic. So only seriousness, serious business. This is the IQ IQ podcast. Let's begin. Hey, it is Brock and Amanda with the I do IQ podcast. Welcome. Oh my gosh. Did I introduce you again? Ah, yes, I'm able to talk. I'm able to use my name. Yes, pretty face. That's what I have you here for? It's very lipstick in my unpolished nails. That's me. Here. I am no. Show. We have a good one for you today. Amanda, I'll let you talk here. You can introduce our guests. Thank you. Yay. Okay, so this is my very dear friend. And I don't know, this is collaborator. I don't know what. She's the editor of Arkansas bride magazine. And we've worked together for a long time. Now, I don't really know how long but we've we've gotten to know each other quite well, personally and professionally. Miss Lindsay arpan. I'm so happy to have you here. Thanks for having me. I'm thrilled. This is an awesome podcast you guys have Well, that's what we'd like to thank too. But Brock has started this thing and is he's literally a year in the making. He's been begging me to do this. And he finally brought me down and here I am. So if it ever takes off, and it's really big, of course it will be my idea. But right now, it's all him and he's dragging me along. So here I am. Yeah, we like to kick the show off with a segment we call our obsessions. What are you obsessed with right now? Amanda? I am obsessed. Like every girl in the south with my peonies, my flowers, my big, fat, fluffy, soft flowers. I've had it in my yard, or I think this is your four. So they're supposed to take three years to really take off. It's a slow grow show. So the first year to slow nothing happens the second year they grow. The third year they actually supposedly show I'm on year four and nothing's happened but I have buds this year finally and I'm so excited. I'm just like every day I go out and check them to make sure that they're okay. Last night we had some frost and I had them all covered up perfectly. So I'm obsessed with a flowers. I'm a 95 year old Southern woman I guess but you got a bunch of shows not growers. I think I got some showers honestly, yeah, I'm so excited about it. I'm obsessed with my flowers, my yard. I like that. Yeah, some spring fever going on. For sure. Are you sure that's not the corona? I hope it's not the Quran. Hope it's not the wrong LSP if you're running a fever, you might need to go to the doctor. It's just spring fever. Fever. Yeah. All right, Lindsay, what are you obsessed with right now? Well, I feel a little bit less springy but I'm really into black velvet right now. Anything velvet at all really. But I'm super obsessed with black and Bell's it in the mixture and it's just so Luxe and romantic and and it's just kind of making a comeback on the runway a little bit and especially a little peek into the bridal world and it's all I can think about we just did a big Instagram post about it a couple days ago. And oh, are you wearing button over right now? I will oh that would be awesome. Now it would be a little hot. But yeah, it would be a hot I would love like a black blazer in development. That would be a great moment. Oh, Brock is about to start singing like you cannot see any color any color velvet. I mean, I'm the same color velvet. Give me a break. Made it I've got a bride looking at next spring to use like a mustard velvet. And it is so rich and locks. I love it. I'm super excited. Definitely one you're gonna want to watch for sure when you're gonna want to watch. Whoa, cool. Amanda has always given me the inside scoop on what to watch out for. And I try I try but I get a lot from you though you kind of look at things a little differently. So I think we both you know we complement each other very well. Very well. Brock, what are you totally into these days? Okay, so this is a little bit weird. So I am vegan, always weird. And I am into making different types of baked tofu. Okay, that sounds really gross. I'm gonna not lie. So the total out most people are accustomed to and the reason they don't like it is a lot of restaurant tofu is very spongy. And so tofu has no flavor and it only absorbs what you mix it with. Okay, so the key to tofu for anybody that wants to try tofu is you got to press the water out of it, because that is what causes it to be spongy. When you press the water out of the tofu and it makes it more once you bake it it makes it more like a solid so it's not chewy. So I've been making a bunch of different tofu and I like to over Bake it to where it's crispy. And, and just so good. So, all of this I don't know that I would even know how to buy the right kind of tofu. So I think I need a little extra firm. Press the water out. Oh, I'll make some and I'll bring it over your yard. Please do. Yeah, I'll draw a line in the yard where you like spicy food? I do. I love spicy. Okay, cuz I like to make mine spicy. Okay, and it's super good. But it, you know, I have a problem after I eat it. And you don't want to be around me for at least six to 12 hours. Oh, gosh. Always. as well. And then there. Your bet issued by the way? Yeah. All right. Okay. Lindsey, Lindsey. Lindsey. So tell us about Arkansas bride magazine. What do you want to know everything about you? How did you get into publishing? How did you get like tell us your backstory, all the all the things that everyone's dying to know about you? I'm not that interesting. But well, I'm How did I get into this? It's actually I went to the University of Arkansas very proud. We picked up and found journalism there and worked on the newspaper. When I graduated, I moved back to my hometown, Dallas and got a job with the Dallas my news. And then of course, got married my college sweetheart. And we ended up back in little rock back in Arkansas pretty soon after we were married. And I got a job at Arkansas business Publishing Group where they have Arkansas bride and ended up as the assistant editor of that publication and a bunch of others. And then slowly but surely, actually not even that slowly. Kind of like climb the ladder into where I am now. And I've been doing articles in total now for almost 11 years. And I've been Wow. Well, you know, almost 10 years at Arkansas now. Oh, goodness, you're making me no sorry, app. Sorry. Yeah, I've been a business for 10 years. And so I've been editor for probably eight years. Yeah. Wow. That's awesome. That is awesome. It's fun. So what isn't an editor do exactly what is that I get that you edit? What does that mean, in the publishing world? What exactly does that mean? What kind of control? Do you necessarily have over the issue? I think of Devil Wears Prada. And she's got the September issue. That's what I imagine an editor to actually write. That is exactly right. You know what? That's a funny question. I get that all the time. I do actually. Do you. Yeah, you just write all the time. And you do it? Honestly, you You're a good organizer, you are coming up with new ideas and creative ideas. And you're organizing that into how are we actually going to produce those and make those happen? You're not entirely sure. But we I certainly do. I write a lot. I write the editors letter, I write real weddings. And I have a small team that helps with the, you know, the branding on our digital. So we have our blog website and our social media. So we aren't just planning a magazine, we're planning like what we're going to put out there online as well. It's a big job. And you know, again, those ideas could be anything from what we're going to do for a fashion shoot to what merchandise we're going to showcase in the transaction to what weddings we're going to pick which is a big topic of conversation. Always. Yeah, yeah. And then really, a lot of it too, is like relationships, which is my favorite part. Honestly. I mean, you know, that's how we become close is getting to know everyone that you can in the wedding community in Arkansas and meeting the vendors who make these amazing weddings happen learning like what they're into what they're what they're seeing at market when they go to Chicago and Atlanta and New York, we've gone to bridal market to watch the runway shows ourselves and kind of see what's coming to Arkansas about six months after that. That's always super fun. Of course, your trip to New York no one no one's gonna do that. Padre never. I'm always down to join if you ever need an extra new plus one, I'm always enjoying things about those relationships is actually over the last couple months, like the last couple market seasons, we've just had a vendor partner like unveil their story or she said yes, one of our beloved bridal boutique owners take over our Instagram while they're in New York, and they're fine. Yeah. And brides love that because they're seeing what goes into choosing the gowns they're gonna bring home to Arkansas, and why they're choosing them and meeting the designers through us or through the bridal boutique owner. It's a really fun part of the job. But yeah, we do write a lot. We copy it, we look at pages and our red pen. And so there's a lot of that as well. You make the pages bleed. You really do it's legit. You make the pages when reading. Okay, cool. Yeah. All right. I like that. That's very interesting. So it's interesting that you mentioned kind of what you see coming and what you see out there and like what's like available to abroad in Arkansas, and I know something we actually talked about yesterday was a particular brand of dress that's not offered within our state walls. And how would you recommend that we talk to our vendors because Florida You and I both obsessed with everything or to one of our favorite brands. I know a lot of our boutique owners love it as well, but they kind of shot away because it's a maybe a little bit more expensive brand a little more exclusive. And maybe not in the maybe not in the budget for a lot of it's not a widely acceptable budget I guess for people for dresses. How can we talk somebody into having this brand in Arkansas? I think it's Wait, we have we looked at several and they're all kind of they're buying in Dallas they're buying in, you know, they're going away to buy these dresses? How can we get them to how can get them in Arkansas? How do we convince some of these owners to pick up that brand? What's your advice there? That is such a great question actually mean as soon as you start asking it my head, my mind started racing I have Yeah, there's so many angles we could talk about here. But first thing versus like we I know I agree with you. I feel like I hate when I see Arkansas brides go out of state for their gowns, because we have incredible, incredible gowns available right here in Arkansas. And not only that, but the people that own these boutiques. They're amazing, all of them, and they're business people. So to answer your question, we can't really make them go carry a line where the gown started seven to $8,000. Because as we know, from our primary research, you know, our brides are spending around $2,000. On average, it ebbs and flows every time we do our big poll, you know, we do that every two to five years, we do a big survey of past brides. And so, you know, our bridal boutique owners, they know that they've done their own research they've done they live and breathe it, they know what they can really buy, and you haven't gone to market. I know firsthand that when they're buying a gown, I mean, those are really expensive. Those samples that they buy from a designer and they're still paying, you know, hundreds of dollars for that dress on the rack that you're trying on that dress was bought and paid for. And so they're hoping they you you and maybe 10 other brides and are going to order that gown over the next six months or a year before they phase it out and make it have one worth the money that they bought. It's really the business side of bridal gown. This industry is so fascinating. Actually, all of it is but in particular now for the designers that there's a bride or two out there more many more that are obsessed with I mean my those three brands in particular you touched on that I just wish we carried and that Sarika and as the Santa. I mean, the best runway shows and then involve Baltimore. Yes, yes. Their runway shows are always an incredible, they're always like a little extra sexy. I mean, they're like definitely on the verge of like the sexiest gowns going which also isn't necessarily like the Arkansas traditional Southern demeanor Arkansas, right. Like we know our readers, there's going to be that subset of girls that are going to be boho, glam, and sexy. And they're going to be the ones that want the very classic, you know, a little vintage Yeah, just barely Southern Southern fried. And so these bridal boutique owners, this is a very long answer. You're right, it's good. But I mean, they know their Brides, they know they're girls, which speaks to their ability to run these awesome businesses, but also just knowing their audience knowing their girls and so they're going to there's going to be girls that want the gowns that are carried for sure. So my advice about the boutique as I was looking for those designers secondary line so like fair to has a brand new line that I forget what the name I don't have it. I know I can't think of it either. It is a door is it feels looks and feels that you see it you know, and I've talked a couple minutes to a couple of our Bravo teams and said hey, this would be great at your store. Five and I don't know maybe they'll pick it up but I need to do the same. I'm doing the same thing. I'm trying to get the same word out because you know, knowing that I've had out of the last you know, two years I probably have had five to 10 girls and dresses like that that you know now that's just me and I'm one planner out of you know all the all the planners just within Arkansas so me I'm a handful but I don't know that it would ever be a huge brand, but it would be so great to have that available in the state. I really would love to say that. Oh, yeah, I love your answer that I think that's good. And I think you're right I think maybe finding some of those isn't Muse I think it's Muse by bird. You're right. Yeah. Oh, good. Amanda. I just had to think I had to think for a second but that's what Yeah, it's a beautiful and then the other dimension. I don't believe that they have like a like maybe more like reception, like options that are a little cheaper. But you mentioned panties on one of the most recent Yeah, yeah. And as desenho she loves a pantsuit loves a lot with a lot of overlay skirts. So you could just like undo them and you can have both, you can have a little bit of both. So you would love that line. Because I love to share with sizes again not have to go out of state for anything for a wedding. We have I mean honestly, we have some of the most incredible planners, photographers, boutiques, caterers, amazing. Amazing you ask the musicians we like we just we are such a hidden gem as a state. And you know, my sister's in Texas and Colorado bass boats, they're both of their weddings. I'm like pushing them to hire people in Arkansas because once they're locked in can be a little bit less expensive compared to big markets like Dallas or Denver, and also they traveled will go anywhere, and they have just as good as after storage. So I'm hardcore architect All the way I love that you're the biggest supporter of all of us and I love that it's felt for sure. So you know what for for guys in tuxes, there's two brands that I wish tux places would carry. Okay, get ready. buga boy for men in Oshkosh, but Gosh, for me, it's actually called Oshkosh because we're older boys. But it's a men's line. outlet store in little rock that my boy wears a bugle boy suit. I want one now. To Be a good boy. I've not heard that in 20 years. That's awesome. You're welcome. Go ahead, Amanda. I don't even know you distract me too much. Oh, my gosh. Well, let me share that with you. Yes, we really do. We always focus on the girls that you're so right. There's a lot of great men's where the state? Um, let's talk a little bit kind of talk about how you go about producing the magazine, like, where does it where do you start with your ideas. And this may be this is, you know, could be a very long topic. I'm such a hand talker. So where do you start? Where do you start with your ideas? And how do you how do you begin to even formulate the way that the next issue is coming? Well, fortunately, I'm extremely organized. And we have a division of multiple magazines that we have to stay on schedule we have, we have a pretty clear and January every year a clear look at our year ahead. And that includes two editions of Arkansas pride. So we start you know, if the if the issue that we're working on right now, actually, this was coming out in the beginning of June, where we're deep into it already, which we should be maybe doesn't sound like that abnormal to anybody listening. But we started in January with our initial planning meeting and prepare for that I plan in November, December. As the current issue is hitting shelves, I'm already starting to think about what I want to do for the next one. And Lydia, my right hand she and I, we sit down and we kind of brainstorm. And we bring our ideas to city meeting. And fortunately, we don't get a lot of resistance like we will seem to like our ideas are pretty good. Yeah, they're usually pretty pretty on target. I love that. And so and we I do like a really fun presentation. Everyone really likes that. And then we launch we start making sure we have our photographers booked. We have our sales team excited and energized to go talk to our partners and potential new partners and really tell them like what our mission is, which is more than just like, give us your money for an ad. It's like, Okay, look, hey, let's join forces. How can we help you promote your business our brides want to know about you, like our brides are desperate to know about you. To be a part of this. We don't plan a wedding in Arkansas without our magazine, you it's Arkansas bridal Bible, right. So we want you to get out there in front of the girls on social. And so we have a whole part of the planning process that's just about that stuff. And then we schedule our shoots, we start working with our bridal boutique, and our florist and our venue people on here, we're going to shoot these things. And we need to be aware with what gowns and so we do tear sheets. And I wish I had some handy but I can show you some of our we call them tear sheets. And they're basically just really pretty inspiration boards that we give our for us and event designers and biotique as they prepare for their contribution. So we asked for our for like the end event planners, Amanda knows this firsthand to create that for each issue. We want to promote them and we want them to show off their creativity. So again, you're right. It's a long answer, because it's a big book. I think one of our least favorite things to work on. But it's like our most important is we have a list of over 500 Arkansas vendors listed in each issue. Really any use taters musicians, not to mention all of our partners within the back when the gamut from rentals, and catering and everything in between. And again, as I said like combing through that finding things and when you try to organize it really helpful for them. But that's not as fun and creative to work on. But it's so important necessary. That was a very good tool. I mean, I've even used it in the past for certain things. I'm like, Okay, I'm working in that part of the state. what's what's Arkansas, I'd recommend, let me just start with Alec, who are their partners in that part of the state. So definitely, definitely utilize that. I definitely utilize that. So when you're getting a new issue ready, where do you go to for inspiration? I mean, I don't just say you waste your time. Let's get inspired. I look for inspiration every single day. I'll be in the shower, thinking of ideas. I'll be on my phone on Instagram, and I'll run across something that somebody posted in I mean, I don't even know who they are but they posted something beautiful or shiny. It's like shiny object. Oh, yeah. And then I'll screenshot and save it and so then later and you know, you just kind of peruse through all those things that like caught your eye that were beautiful or interesting or different and you just kind of pick and choose what you want to show brides out there. Especially for the floral The fashion section. Yeah, I love that. So yeah, so each issue you do, and I'll let you share, like what one of them might be but the tablescapes section so you have an inspiration, where does that even come from when you start to do that, and I'll let you kind of explain what that is. But where do you find that inspiration for that? I think is, you know, how do you decide that it's going to be pink is our color we're gonna you know, how how does that even come about? Where do you and how many ideas do you go through in order to even land on the one that works? I think gonna sound probably a little ego II but after a while you just kind of know it next. Yeah, that sounds crazy to anyone listening. But my my I remember when Lydia first started and she asked me something similar to that. She asked me like, where do you? How do you brainstorm products are already companies vs. And I'm thinking I'm like, I kind of just know what's next, like we did blue and pink and yellow. And this time, it's definitely green. You know, just feel it. You feel like what's out there, you feel what you've been seeing. And so you've been paying attention. I mean, as an editor, you have to be reading other magazines, you know, watching the news or whatever it whatever your topic you're covering, and I'm covering bridal stuff, right? So you have to live and breathe truly to do it, I think a good job. And so when you ask about tablespace, particularly, we started that concept, probably, I mean, probably eight issues ago or more, maybe 12. Probably about six years probably been doing that. Yeah, we've kind of done we did that we did tablescapes inspired by dreamy Huntington location, and I fabric watch it was done being and so when it comes to a new issue, thing, what have we not done? What have we seen that we're loving right now? What season? Is it? What what what are brides seeming to be doing right now we'd like to do maybe something different, so they see something new. So it's not like there's one place that I go and I just pull out of the hat. It's just kind of when the time comes, certain ideas just like automatically rise to the top and we discuss them and we go for with like sort of a gut reaction. Like when people even on a meeting. I know that ideas going when it's purchased in a meeting. I know like, okay, we're done. Okay. How many weddings do you go to a year yourself? I don't usually go to any wedding. That's like the dirty little secret or the dirty little secret we're not going to talk about now. We can really talk about it. We don't get invited to a wedding. I'm working. Working. Yeah, I don't I tell people I don't go to weddings unless you're paying me to be there. Yeah, man, I want to be advised me to get I want to get paid. Right? For sure. No, I don't really go to that many winning. However, that is a really popular question. Because I think brides think some brides think that they need to invite us to have us there to take their photos and be featured. Right. And that's absolutely not how we work. Nothing. It features a newspaper, if you want to be featured in the newspaper with your wedding. However, for us, we didn't ask for after your weddings over your photos or vaccine, your photographer shares a link. And we can review it and we gather them. We don't just like look at them. Every time someone sends us an email, we'll stop and review them. But we have these two, like major gathering moment where we stop and we review them and we get so many Is this a good segue into that corner? Yeah. Next question. Are you talking about that all day long? So yeah, that's the question I get asked this, I would say 90% of My Brides. Okay. How do I get featured? How do I get picked for a magazine I want to be published. And that is, you know, you know, I have the answers that I give, I kind of have my standard answers. Well, this this this, but I would love for you to be able to speak directly to these girls and tell them what do you need to do? How do you get featured? So the floor is yours, Brock, if you want to add to that, by all means, but I just want to let you Lindsey just go for it and dive right in. Because that's I think that's what people are curious. They really want to know. Yeah. How do you get featured? Yeah, well, let me take it to the coffee. Yeah, take a step. Get it ready for the long answer that we're about to delve into. Yes. And you know, honestly, it's really compelling. I mean, they're hired great photographer, first of all, yes. Again, our goodbye has no shortage of amazing photographers. Yeah, you can't skip on that. I mean, that's, that's my go to somebody asked him today. What's your go to advice? Oh, I did a fun little Instagram advice thing for one of our candidates. Actually, Alex, you are and he asked me like, what do you What's your like go to give advice. And it's always hire good photographer, hire a videographer. This is the one day that it flies by and you're going to want to relive it. So for a number of reasons, hired a photographer but for a wedding collection, it's even more important. Look at current issues that we've done. Look at the kind of photography that looks festive. Look at the wedding photos we selected from each of those brides. Notice what we're using, we're using, not using like the photos of you and your bridesmaids getting ready. We're not. I mean, we love those and we put them on our website later. But we feature ideas for our brides. We want to show them new things pretty thing. You know, not every bride is going to want to be super creative, and they're going to want to be really traditional. So we have not only do we need you to have ideas, we also need you to have really great photos of your normal ideas or just your normal decor. So, number one tip is hire a great photographer. The number two tip would be to do your homework and just be what you want your photographer to make sure to hone in on if they're a great photographer, and why is a great I don't mean, you know, National Geographic, right? Yeah, I mean, wedding grades, right are the different there's definitely different and I learned this. So funny that I just dropped the National Geographic example because that is exactly what I did wrong with my wedding is I just cannot journalism school. I wanted like a magazine photographer, know what I was doing for Arkansas bride. And I hired a guy that was featured National Geographic magazines and Dallas. And there were so many little wedding things he just didn't do, right. Because he doesn't know wedding. He knows magazines. You know, I thought I was just like journalism person. No idea what I was doing. So I love to share that advice because I learned the hard way. Your photographer was like, I want you and your bridesmaids to gallop gallop across the field right here. Oh, that's beautiful. I got the sun. Now all the groomsmen are, are give me a bit louder. My photographer for my wedding was a movie photographer. So he took stills during during filming. So like the picture of john travolta up against the bar, or like Urban Cowboy, like, that's my wedding photographer. He was amazing. Right? But and then when I got married, I'm ancient. So it's been a million years. But mine was like at the very beginning of the kind of lifestyle photography. So like pictures and action and things like that. But what I don't have is beautiful post pictures of my family. Because that's not that wasn't his wheelhouse. That's not he took great action shots. And they were amazing. And like the lifestyle and that you know that which is very popular now. But there's something to be said for having an album with with Nana and Papa and Aunt Susie. And like all those people. I don't have that at all like I mean, and what I do have is not great, because that's not his expertise. So I completely second what you're saying, I always want brides to splurge on the photography, it's worth every penny, you've got to have somebody who is a professional, for many for a multitude of reasons. But I love I love that you touched on that. Yeah, for sure. I mean, again, sorry. Don't mean interrupt, ya know, please interrupt. You know, I'm on When did I get excited about these things? And that's why Yeah, though, yeah, we got to get featured, you definitely want to have the idea like I do. I do love when brands like I want to get featured, how do I do that, and they talk to their parents about it. That's the tip that I generally share. Because not everyone's gonna be able to afford a wedding planner, or be to be able to do all those ideas. So I think the easiest way to go beyond that first initial advice, which is hired a photographer and kind of do your homework on the kind of photos you need to be submitting, you know, detail shots and things that show like, we're not going to be able to feature a 500 foot picture, we feature I think, between eight to 15. And each reletting. Right, that's it. So dial it down to that many photos, and we get your SP essence of your day. That makes sense. Like when I'm scanning, I can scan an album and know pretty quick, like we didn't go through I mean, now sometimes you will submit the whole gallery and have to go through so many pictures that aren't even relevant. So I can always but for the most part, if someone sends me a gallery, 50 pictures, I can scan it, I can even like unfocus my eyes and generally know if it's going to be featured. Again, it sounds like an ego moment, but truly like I'm doing this for eight years, so I can I can feel it, the essence is gonna come across in print or not. And this time, we'll get a magazine, mock one up, and we'll be like, you know what, this one doesn't translate it looks, it looks amazing. When you have the whole gallery and you have all the images together amazing wedding, but when you dial it down to just the detail shots, or just what we would typically use, it just doesn't come across and we've had to change usually we dress like we do that pre selection period if you're on the fence about a few anyway. But yeah, so my other my other tip would be beyond that is to go ahead and think about you know, what are you doing different? That's super or super personal? Uh huh. What are you if you aren't infusing you and your groom into your day, and you're creating an event, a wedding that's more for your mom and her family, her friends and what they like today is not centered around you and your groom and who you are to the core as a couple and as people is fairly obvious, I mean, again, we look for a mix of things. So we aren't always going to go for just like super most creative can be creative with a family some guys really do want the traditional so we want to show that as well. However, I'm going to weddings and have the best chance are those ones infused with just so much personality. And yes, infuse your wedding with personality and make it about you guys and it's going to shine through you're going to see the loved one a picture to be more emotion and to be a better wedding in general but it'll obviously work better for us and it kind of is a good segue for us in this conversation to talk about how we pick weddings are so then tips for them to try to get paid. I could give you a little inside scoop on how we select them. Yeah, yeah. And basically you get those emails from photographers or brides and they're really disappointed and it breaks our heart. But you know, we get the inside story as we get close to 200 every single issue really, to be considered not to mention the weddings we get throughout the air where brides aren't really aware of submission time. So we have so many to comb through, we don't want to not pick any we want to feature them all. They all deserve a feature. We're excited for all of you getting married. So it's, it's a hard spot. But here's, here's the secret, we have to pick weddings that appeal to our broad audience and our broad Like I said before, we're going to have girls that are going to be more traditional, we're gonna have guys that are going to be more the party girl that's going to one of the big band women dance and drink with their girlfriends or their friends is going to be really colorful. So we have to pick diversity that we need diversity of people diversity in the region of the site we're featuring not just Central Arkansas, we're featuring South East Arkansas in northeast Arkansas, Hot Springs area, Northwest Arkansas, we want to have girls from all across the state. So we have to take that into consideration. We could fill the magazine with all the lighting, we could every issue, it could just be all Fayetteville great wedding. So there are going to be favorite girls with an amazing wedding aren't going to get in because we want to make sure hotsprings girls and separate girls and jumper girls get in there too. As much as possible. We obviously want to showcase diverse themes and diverse colors. Do not flush, flush, flush, flush, flush, flush flush, we're gonna have brides that are going to plan weddings and every different colors palette you can think of. So we want to diversity and like the theme and live as you turn the page. So you're getting, you know, just the colors changing. And just the theme and like this stetic of the whole wedding changing offers a whole new perspective to a bride planning her wedding, even the color can be the idea. So we want to diversify that as well. So it's a puzzle. So we can't just pick and we don't want like seven weddings from the same venue. Man, there are venues that are getting they get on a hot streak, and it's just every wedding we get from there. Well, we like how do you you know, yeah, all of your weddings. So that is always tricky. And that's easy to explain. Like while we have six weddings in the clinton library, we can't run on them. We have to pick you know our favorites. But then also factor in the pebble I previously mentioned, which is diversity and color ever seen people the types of vendors they hired, you know, some of these people will have these these people. Some of our brides will have amazing weddings, but they hired everyone from Dallas. Right? And that doesn't do our riders are Arkansas girls reading our magazine, it doesn't do them any favors to read that they hired so and so from Lewisville. So and so from Nashville thought like, while their wedding was absolutely perfection. It just doesn't serve us our readers are looking for people to hire in our local wedding. So that's a bit of the puzzle piece that we deal with every single issue and why there's so much heartbreak. Personally, I like that you said that though, that you feature the weddings that feature Arkansas, that makes a lot of sense. And it's good to know. Yeah, I mean, it's the most important thing. I mean, that's what makes our magazine so helpful to our brides and to our partners. I mean, if it wasn't we want to put our brides are reading this book or getting it anywhere across the state as it was on our site where they can find it. I mean, it's it's all over. They're gonna grab it if they're getting married, right. So why would we want to excessively promote out of state businesses, right? We want to push them to our local business owners and our brides want that, you know, again, we always keep our reader at the heart of everything, and what do they need? And what do they want. And of course, they want to know who they can hire in Little Rock to do their catering. They live in Little Rock, they don't want to see that someone's caterer was from New York City. I mean, kinda, it's cool. runway is kind of cool. But it is time to go for most Brides, I get that. Yeah. But we certainly do not discriminate if we have an amazing wedding that we're just obsessed with it is filled with ideas. It's just they're too good to pass up. We're not going to let it go because photographer was from out of state, we're going to feature it, there's too much good in there. They use some local vendors, the ideas are so exciting. Our readers will love it. So again, there's that central focus is our reader. I hope that makes sense. But we have some rules, but they're not hard and fast. Like we will break them every now and then. Because it's what our reader wants. That's good. That's great answer. Yeah, that was great. Very good. How do you know you have single page, double page and triple sometimes three page spreads? How do you really hone it down to like, what that looks like? How do you really narrow it down to like, I mean, I have an obvious answer. I mean, I there's more great images. I mean, I have seen amazing wedding that I'm surprised they get picked sometimes I'm like really? That one over that one? Okay, it's fine. I mean, I know you always have something different in mind, but how do you kind of a lot and there may not be an answer to this. How do you a lot different page quantities to different weddings, and maybe that all goes along with everything you've already said but I'm curious as to that as well. Because I know sometimes people are like, well, I thought they were gonna you know, we're gonna be a big feature and they just have one page. Yeah, no shade there no shade there. I'm just posing the question. I'm curious. No offense pay, I don't care. If it's a we've made and you know what we have made? I have had moments. I'm like, Oh, yeah, that really didn't play. I mean, it's actually those those mistakes have taught me, like I said earlier to be able to identify sooner, something's not going to translate once it's in print. Like, it is gorgeous on the screen. But it's a little sleepy, like once you put it in print. So to answer your question, or like, how do you make the page allotment? I don't, the cool thing is, is we don't have like a set like number every issue like exactly, we need to three page rolling 10, new pagers, we don't have that rule. So I can base it on like, what we what weddings we're loving, and what photography that we've got from those weddings, and like how many ideas and the three pagers what we do. And we don't always do that, I think maybe one issue or two, we took a break because we didn't have we wanted a featured extra wedding. And we had to like, you know if I use the word puzzle all the time, but that's exactly what it is. And we have to make those kind of decisions. Do we want an extra wedding? Or do we want to blow a couple of these weddings up bigger? And those weddings that we tend to give more space to they certainly just had a lot more ideas? Or they have? Yeah, I mean, it has to be the ideas, it's really no other other thing to say they have just more detail shots to showcase you definitely for a while, it seemed we're kind of going more towards a DIY or a handmade feel in some weddings, and I feel like it maybe it's gone away from that any images that I've seen in the most recent issues. Can you speak to that? Does it matter if someone has a plan? Or does it matter if it looks like they did a lot of this on their own? Do you mean, and maybe maybe there's a little bit of both? But I'm curious as to that. I mean, if you get a wedding that obviously did not have a planner? How do you feel how to react to that? What's your what's your not there, I'm watching you, it's been funny that you're asking me that I thought about this, when you said think about something you may want to share on the podcast. And one thing that came to mind was that I actually am so excited to say this, I don't see a lot of that anymore. Like I remember I really clearly remember seeing our vendor list come through. Like when people submit their wedding tests, they give us a list of who they used to they hired and that does help us make our decisions too. Like I said, you know, they have a lot of people that we are I remember seeing like, Sally didn't have flowers and, and no offense and Sally there was they were gorgeous. And you know, my cousin made the cake and all of that we've used I feel like I saw that so much in my early days. And I just happen to cut it popped into my head between the day you asked me to do this. And today, that means, you know, I just see that. When we go to veterans, I see so many rides. I don't think there's there may be one or two weddings issue where that we've selected that did not have a wedding planner. Yeah, really. And it was out to me. Yeah, I mean, it's it's different. It's new, which and I'm thrilled about it, because he's what he's and that's why there's so many more weddings to choose from now. And it makes our job harder. is sure. Hiring professionals for whatever reason, maybe, you know, it's gotten more competitive in Arkansas and so people had to lower their prices. I don't know that's not that side of the business. Or by they're just really wanting to be featured more than they used to maybe it's a selfie culture, right? There's there's a number of reasons why brides are wanting planners more than ever in Arkansas. But from the time I started as editor to now, in the last two or three years, it is financial, a difference between the DIY bride and the ones hiring a professional. And again, I don't know exactly why, but I love it. And it makes me happy. Why thank you. Yes, yeah. Busy, for sure. That's good to know, though. Because I would say a few years ago, it felt like you know, even though we are submitting good stuff, you know, maybe maybe a DIY kind of thing was being chosen. And it makes me happy to hear that though, that people are valuing the professionalism that a planner and a planning team and real vendors. I know Shea to a friend or there's some really right or it's out there I love I mean, sometimes I'm surprised but often I'm like, Yeah, well your Aunt Sally did make the cake. But guess what, it's also leaning and I have to hide the fact that that cake is leaning, I have to hide the disguise the fact that it can't be shown or your DJ was your brother's cousins, roommate. I mean, you know, that kind of stuff. We run into that and so, Brock brothers cousins, roommate, right. I mean, you know, that kind of stuff. It makes our job more difficult. But I think it also eventually parlays into by choosing a different florist by choosing a more professional across the board, you might have actually gotten yourself published even on a you know, doesn't mean that by Dr. Huge or smaller or whatever, it just means that you use the right professionals to do the job. So I love that you said that I really do. Yeah, and for sure that they're there by the way that they have really talented family and friends and they should use that money. Right? All right. We're talking, you know, getting featured. And so in that regard, your your professionals are going to have the eye for how to get featured. They're going to have the world class ideas that you're just better Job, that's their skill. That's their talent. That's what they're paid to do is come up with cool ideas, come up with new ideas constantly. Which I want to talk to you about that, like, if you're asking me, but if that's how I feel when I look at your work, I think how I mean, you know, if I'm looking at when I look at pictures, I'm planning an issue, it's your work, it's the work of our wedding professionals out artists that are inspiring us to I don't I think that needs to be said is a lot of the inspiration we get is from the work that y'all are doing.

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