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Lindsey Stavely w/Tesori Bridal + Camp Cut

Get ready to talk all things glam! Lindsey Stavely, owner of fab Fayetteville bridal boutique Tesori, sits down with us to share all the details you need to know when you begin the process of finding the ONE (dress, that is)! How long does a dress actually take to come in? What should you expect at your fitting appointment? Where do we even begin?

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Hey, I'm Brock with Brock entertainment am Amanda with Amanda Reed weddings and this is the I do IQ Podcast where each and every week we're gonna be discussing the latest in wedding and event trend and we're going to let you know all the things that you need to know in order to make your event the most special. Yeah and Indian you will have the best wedding and event experience ever and something tells me we're going to have a little fun along the way I don't know about that. I'm a pretty serious guy man. And this is a serious topic so only seriousness serious business. This is the IQ IQ podcast let's begin Hey, it is Brock I wouldn't say my name and Amanda oh wait hold on. I should start like this actually broken Amanda here. I do I keep podcast I don't want to catch you girls. God I don't know what you have over there. So just to be safe. And I don't know if you can transmit anything through microphones but I just the safe guy over here, ladies and we don't know all of the back. You know, we don't know all the facts. So I think you're being safe rock by having that. Yes. Hey, Amanda, introduce your friend right here. This is my dear friend Lindsey Staveley from two story bridal bridal and formal. I want to make sure I say it properly. To sorry, bridal. Okay, sorry, shoot. Yes. No. We have we have formal wear now. We're all bridal. It's all good. Okay. You're on the right track. Amanda, you were I know. I know. I want to make sure I say it. All right. Tell us about you. I want to I know lots of good things about you. But I want to know about yourself. Tell us tell us all the things but teach us teach us about Lindsey safely. Oh, gosh, that's a lot. And I know, I wasn't born in Fayetteville, but definitely raised here. We moved to Fayetteville when I was 12 years old, which I think is a really impressionable age. And that's, you know, that kind of transition from elementary to that teenage Junior High age. And I just remember thinking like, Oh, my gosh, super emanating. And, you know, it was funny, because the second me and my family did hear it, they'll really just swallowed us up and accepted us. And you know, that's the true spirit of Northwest Arkansas. You know, it's just been great community and small, local businesses. And so I was really thankful, you know, that we had that experience of getting to live here. And I always thought after college that, oh, I want to city, I want to do all these things. And that just never happened. Which was great. Because then just story was born and I met my husband and all of these different things. But the older I've gotten, the more I've traveled, the more I realized that all of these other places are great, but there's literally no place like him. Where did you come from? Okay, it's not that exciting Tulsa. Oh, so far away. I moved to Arkansas. I was like, Oh, this is a completely different plays. What do we do? I know and the funniest part about it is I have like the most like clear memories of time. My parents like Arkansas. Are you kidding me? Tulsa. I'm hilarious. Like, it's all it's basically all the writing. So not a big transition, wasn't there? I mean, it was it was it was a big change for Tulsa at that point. Yes. You know, Arkansas has grown, especially Northwest Arkansas has transformed so much in the last 20 years. I mean, so give yourself a little bit of credit on that. But yeah, I would have had that same. Yeah. But of course, you know, 12 years old. That was a big deal. And then I had the pleasure of working at Walker brothers, which is a men's clothing store here in town. And that's first time I think, yeah. Yeah, at 23 years old, we open to story, which is a women's clothing store, I got connected with my now business partner, Aaron, and through john at Walker brothers. And we, you know, I would have never imagined owning a business at such a young age, it was just this crazy thing that nothing was forced, it was just, you know, all these little pieces kind of fell into place, which is really how the story bridal was born and just transitioning over the years. And so now we are this all out bridal store. And if you would have told my knee in college, you're gonna own a bridal store, I would have laughed because not that I don't love brides and all of that. It's actually my favorite thing of owning a bridal store, but I just didn't have like, I wasn't the girl that dreamed about my wedding Are you know, that kind of thing. So a journey, you know, like most things are, and how many years have you owned the store? Oh, my goodness. So we opened in November of 2010. Okay, and then we were women's clothing until 2013. And so we had had, like, just people tell us Oh, you guys should add in bridal. You already have formalwear? Well, you know, when you're when you open a business, and you set out to be one thing, and then it starts all of a sudden transition and you're like, Whoa, what is going on? And so Aaron and I are we're competitive people at heart, like we just want things to be so good and we knew with the clothing store only that wasn't necessarily our strength. We did okay, and it was good, but there was just something missing there. And so she and I sat down one afternoon in the store, I can still picture it. And we were kind of talking going back and forth. And you know, we had had the conversation of maybe adding Brad on, we would laugh about it that way. Well, we were talking, right, you know, what if we're gonna have if this is gonna be, you know, if the longevity of the story is gonna last, we've got to do something here but there. And so anyways, we decided, we sat down and we looked each other in the eye, and we were like, are we going to do this? Are we going to transition into bridal? we kind of talked about what that would look like. And then within a two hour conversation, we're like, Okay, this is it. We had a game plan. And we started selling off inventory and rats immediately our last day as dealer clothing or whatever was the Monday before Thanksgiving, 2013 remodeled and reopened February 1 of 2014. Right? Yeah, yeah. And so I think, you know, just owning a business, if you are, if you don't have the ability to evolve, and just roll with what your customers want, then you're really probably not going to survive. And so I would always, you know, for me thinking about opening a business, regardless if it's related to bridal or wedding industry or anything is just that really listen to the wants and needs of your customers. Because truly, those are the people who dreamed up to story. It wasn't necessarily Aaron and myself, we couldn't have ever, ever imagined being a bridal store. So I think a lot of those small businesses that end up surviving those four or five years, it's because they're just rolling with the punches and listening to what their customers want. For sure. Right on. I love that. So I don't think I realized I get shell filled in where signature style left off when they closed. Is that kind of how that happened. You picked up their spot. So we have the it's funny. I worked at Walker brothers college, yeah, at their old space. And then they remodeled and moved on the other side of signature style. So we took over Walker brothers old place, and signature style. Yeah, but signature style was closing. And so we kind of saw a need to open up women's clothing. And so that's kind of how that all fell in. I guess I never really put that together and realize that but that because I used to shop there and then I moved on to I just didn't I don't think I ever realized that. That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. The pieces together. That's a little bit about Lindsey. Before we deep dive into all the specifics. I have a question for both of you. Let's get into what are you obsessed with right now? Amanda, go first You go first. Okay, so my current obsession is a book that has been sitting on my wealth now in my foyer on my foyer table for it's called the Bible. Well, no, no, I haven't No, I've got a book called born to party forced to work. It's by Bronson Fenwick. It's like a he's an event planner. Kind of a big deal. I'm sure many of you have heard of his name. He's actually from Tuckerman, Arkansas, which is a super tiny little town. But when are we going to interview him on on this? Yeah, I'm gonna lie. Right? We'll say please. Anyway, he's from Tuckerman, Arkansas, but he's made a really big name for himself. And you know, that kind of the East Coast inventing act well, all across the country, really. And he wrote a book born party force to work. It's a collection of all his beautiful events and stuff he's done over the years. Well, I've had it though, for six months, probably the book dropped about six months ago, it is still in the cellophane wrap sitting, not had time to like, open it up and really look at it. And I've been so excited. I like pre ordered everything. And it's been sitting there so I'm obsessed with it sort of I mean, taking it out of the cellophane yet. No. It's still in the cellophane. There's beautiful universe that I know. Every step. Yeah. Yeah. You should go get it right now and undo it live on the podcast, do it and bailing the band aid off? Yeah, yeah. I didn't want to get it messed up before I dove into it. But I'm so excited. I know. It's gorgeous book. I mean, I love his work. And anyway, he's very inspirational to me. So yeah, I've got this gorgeous book that's been sitting there about six months and I'm pathetic. I know. It's bad. It's bad. So it's not really an obsession, but it is. Yeah. And every day going to open that. Lindsay, what about you? So as we all know, we have been at home not on our regular schedules and so I finally pulled the trigger and bought them a process that I've been eyeballing and known about for a month. I just haven't done it and one of my friends shout out to lf she is obsessed with this line. It's called Laci gay. So his beautiful packaging price point is amazing. And they're all about these like really pretty dewy kind of natural looks, which I don't have right now. I'm kind of a big girl so I'm really makeup stuff, but I love like their face serums they have an amazing lip gloss and so basically, I've just been obsessed with my skincare because I've had all this extra time Normally I'm just like wash my face lotion. Row. That's mine. Okay, and you probably you're not wearing a whole lot of makeup during the day either. So that's actually been a no it's helped my skin a lot to not it's been bro Yeah, so that's been good. Yeah. Okay. All right, except for stuff like this. I'm sorry. I yeah, you're a girl's girl, Amanda because she sent me a text and was like, by the way we're gonna be on camera. Well, I would have been upset if I hadn't known that. So yeah, there you go. Well, and I'm the person that like, if you like, if I'm not wearing me, like people are like, Are you sick? No, I'm just not wearing makeup. This is my face. Thank you for that. Yeah, I'm gonna say, My kids are like What's wrong with you? Are you? What's wrong? What's wrong with your eyes? There's there's no makeup on them. It's okay. Yes, I get it. I guess my obsession This is going out to the guys I've been subscribed to this for a while now but I still love it and obsessed with it. And you ladies heard of spreads a box now. This is for dudes. I'll open this one up for this. So you open it up. And it comes with always a pair of dress socks, different dress socks, every box. This one came with a men's tie that's in style. Sometimes it has a bow tie, but usually always a pair of socks. Always a tie. And then random stuff. This has some kind of keychain holder. That's leather. It has a lapel that's in the shape of glasses, which is so yeah. And then as a pocket square. And this cute. Each one is different. Sometimes you'll get a cool watch. I got a flask one time. It's usually 100 over $100 worth of stuff in this box for men like men's accessories. Yeah, $25 a month. Oh my gosh. Awesome. That's so cool ties. Cool stuff in there for four guys. It's meant for four dudes left. That's awesome for you because you always are just as snazzy as a box. Yeah, exactly. That's how it just all in a little box right there. Done. I love that. This broadcast is brought to you by surprise box. You guys out there that want to look good trying to get or trying to get sponsorships. So yeah. Hey, that's the best way to do it. I'm drinking body armor life. energy throughout the day. I got my coffee I products right here. And but you need me to y'all ready? Yeah, I love it. I love it. I love it. Because I was like, I'm gonna forget the name. So let's deep dive into bridal wear. Amanda, you got some questions? Well, I want to know how the process starts. I mean, I mean, obviously, I know from my end, people ask me where to shop all the time I give him my little rundown of local stores. And the thing that I love more than anything is that we have got such an amazing array of shops in Northwest Arkansas to story, obviously, is one of my absolute favorites. And you don't have to go to Dallas or New York to get the same exact dresses anymore. So I want you to just kind of touch on that. And like how you even came in. I know we know your backstory now. But how did you even come to find the brands that you've picked up? How many misses have you had? Because I'm sure you've had a few misses. And you're like, oh, why? Why? Why did we do that. But I just kind of want to hear about like, the experience of a bride. I mean, that's, and that's the most exciting thing often before they even hire me, they've already picked out their dress, that's a done deal. They've already they know what they want. So I just want you to kind of talk on that a little bit. And let's hear about your perspective on the the process. Absolutely. So I love that what you said about brides having to travel that was actually the inspiration or two story was that we really wanted to create not only an atmosphere, but just a lot, an entire store filled of curated handpick gowns, were brides to come in, and they're like, they didn't feel the need to go to these bigger cities, because they could just stay right here locally and get an amazing experience. And so that is exactly what our goal is. And I definitely think that we have achieved that. But um, you know, just from a broad standpoint, we always tell Brides, it's funny because we always hear that brides are so nervous, as excited as they are to shop. They're just as nervous. And so you know, I think it's kind of one of those things from the standpoint of maybe not knowing like how the dresses are going to fit size wise or even, you know, having to talk about budget. And I mean, I know that's something that you can relate to, it's definitely for the bride and awkward conversation. But for us, it's not because we do it every day. And I think we're not judging you. We don't, you know, whatever you your dress budget, if that's great, let's work with it. Let's make it work, we want to make you happy. So I always tell brides from the beginning, just that to start the process, really, you know, have an idea of what you want to look like, it'd be like on your wedding day researching, obviously on Pinterest and having pictures that always help but on the same second that I say that the other half of that is is that, you know, you really want to keep an open mind to a certain extent because I've seen it a million times where a bride is going to come in and she says I've been to 17 different stores. This is the dress style that I'm looking for, but I just haven't found the one and a lot of the times that's because what they don't realize is even though that's what they've envisioned, that may not be really what looks the best on them or makes them feel the best. And so um, you know, our, I can speak you know, on behalf of our bridal consultants and myself because I also work with brides but we tried the dresses on we work with brides every single day and so it is always my goal to get abroad and something that I know she's gonna look amazing, but that she might not have necessarily thought of, I mean to one of your Brides, I can think off the top of my head when she was telling me what she kind of thought she wanted. Immediately. I knew exactly I was like, This is her dress. And I didn't say anything to her, but she ended up going with that dress. And so you know, I think just really staying open minded because people sometimes get that one track mind, and they get disappointed when that doesn't work. And you know, so you really just have to have an idea, but also be flexible. I think that that's super, super helpful. And trust your bridal consultant and work with stores that you know, they have your best interest in mind. Because, unfortunately, obviously, we're all in business to make a sale. But we always laugh at two stories that weren't the best, worst day like salespeople, because we're like, oh, no, go home and think about it in our benefit, because we mean that I don't want a bride to buy from me, and then go home and regret it later. And I definitely think we abide it in that way. But avoid it in that way. But we just get so cracked up because one of our bridal consultants who actually just had the new her wedding on a Saturday and we are pulling it off in a week we got it but she She's hilarious. And she was like Lindsey, you would have died. If you would have been in the back office, hear me talk to this bride. She was just really confused on the dress. But I was like I told her I was like, you know, just go home. And she's like, Lindsey could hear that she would be gone. Like, what are you doing, but we were laughing because we do like to give brides that, you know, like, make them feel like they have an option. And I think that that's important too, is finding scores that you feel comfortable with. And you know, I always tell brides to that when you're in the dressing room, you've got that one on one time with your bridal consultant, get real with them and ask them the tough questions because they want to help you and they want to be honest with you as well. So if you're kind of getting different feedback, maybe from some of the guests that you brought with you or you're really maybe you're indecisive a lot of the times the Bravo consultant they want, they want to be honest with you, they don't want you to leave in something that you don't feel your best and or maybe there are two dresses, and there is a better option. So I would definitely you know, get real with that consultant, because we always say when you leave to sorry, you're leaving with your wedding dress and your new best friend. That's true. Well, and something I love about y'all, but I do feel like and I've heard you say this, you know, they're just because it's sitting there and on. And it may not be the perfect dress for that girl. And I love that you absolutely about that you're like, you know what, I like this. But let me think about maybe there's a different option, because you know, maybe it's somebody who's particularly bursty. And they're picking something that maybe doesn't flatter them as much as another cut might or maybe they're very hourglass, and the mermaid style they've chosen really isn't as complimentary as it could be. So I think that I feel like that's one of your strengths in that you have a wide variety of gowns. And I feel like you have very honest and straightforward consultants, though, that will tell those girls that you know, I know this isn't what you think you want, but just try this. And it's probably the perfect shape for their body because I do know that y'all are very good at that at dressing someone for their body shape and right much that's as much The trick to being able to get it right as anything I do. Remember I had I did have abroad one time that she was rather large up top and chose a dress that not from tesori. And not from anyone locally. But she chose a dress that was very unflattering to her. And it made me sad because all of her pictures, she looks a lot bigger than she actually was, but because of the cut of the dress that she thought she wanted. It wasn't as flattering as it could have been, oh, I've seen so many of those girls on the dance floor where you're you're with the photographer, or the videographer and you're like they're gonna pop out of that at any moment. Now everybody is about to get an iPhone. It's gonna be awesome. I have a public service announcement though find a good seamstress because Brock probably what you're talking about some of it is the fact that they did not have a seamstress get the dress fitted. Whenever Megan Markel got married and she was in the most beautiful crate. Can not even the veil all of it what a moment but everyone was talking about how they didn't like the dress and I wanted to tell them, it's the way it was tailored like it wasn't a dress. No, it wasn't that dress, I was a seamstress over the pond. Like she said, you know, why is there no one to fix this dress? So sometimes it's the actual tailoring of the dress to which I'm like, you know, sometimes Brides, they don't want to spend that extra money to get it tailored just right. And I'm like that is just as important as finding the right dress. It's a necessity. And I think I across the board. I completely agree with that. It's a necessity to have the dress fitting the right way. Yeah, and the same thing for menswear too. I would say I'd rather see a guy in a suit, not necessarily a tuxedo, but a well fit suit and a well Tailored Suit than a tuxedo that's off the rack that looks like right so that doesn't fit properly. Exactly. Oh all about the tailor all about the tailor for showing us a question. I don't know anything about dress So coming from somebody that doesn't know about dresses because I don't dress up, obviously, how far in advance should a bride order her dress for her wedding? So Good question. This is probably something that we get asked the most brides usually start shopping four to six, I'm sorry, they want to start shopping a year out, like start thinking and getting ideas. And I would say, they want to say Yes to the Dress about nine months out, because dresses without everything that's going on right now take about four to six months to arrive in store. And then that gives you a couple months for alterations. And if you're going to do idle work for us ahead of time, and so most of our dress designers will ship in the four to five month time period. But with COVID-19, and all of that it's good at getting us that true five to six months push out. And so you have to factor in by the time I ordered the dress, if it takes six months to get here plus alterations, you know, you definitely want to leave a little bit of time bribe if you're listening and your wedding. Now through the end of I would say, April, you definitely want to get on the phone trying to get make sure that your dress is going to get here on time. And especially with things you know a little bit I'm sure. You just want to get that taken care of because you've got to have a dress. And we're lucky enough that the designers that we work with have worked hand over foot to make sure that every single branch is taken care of. Thankfully, we haven't had any major issues with shipping a high praise the Lord like truly, it's been a blessing for sure. You know, I think sometimes people think that you can just walk into a store and there's my dress and pull it off the rack, and you're good to go. And I wish that was the case because that would make our job a whole lot easier. But wouldn't it? Whoa, yeah. So really Brock, just kind of what you're looking at whenever, you know, let's say you're a bride, and you walk in everything hanging on the rack are just samples. So you would try on those samples and then we would order off of this sample. So you're not when we placed that order. They're putting a brand new dress in production specifically for you. So when we submit that order, it has your name your wedding day, decide if you're gonna do ivory ivory, or I agree with cashmere, right? Number one, the dresses are expensive to just have hanging on the racks in general. But you don't want your dress to be shelf worn. Like from a factory. They don't want to just sitting at the factory. They want to pump them out new so when you get it It hasn't just sat around at some random warehouse. Well that happened. When I got married. My Bride she ordered her dress. Well, they ordered the wrong size. First of all, like two sizes too small. So when she got it, she was real musty. It did not fit. There was no way. But we have an amazing Taylor, my girl down here at lethal ler. And she took it in and she goes, Yeah, I can fix this. She goes well, what about all the beads and stuff she's like, don't worry about it. I got this, left it there charges because she loves me. She didn't charge us that much. And completely made the dress fit. It was amazing tears of joy coming down the bride's face and thank God for her. But yeah, it was it was just too close to the wedding that we couldn't get a new one or ship it back or anything. And that was she got hers in Missouri. And that lady that owned the shop was not good to deal with because she's like, Oh, no, you know, we ordered what you told us to she's like, No, I didn't you guys size me in order the size. But your person ordered the wrong size. And there was a horrifying, she didn't want to pay for the alterations. It was a whole thing. and I are crazy. Ah, that's awesome. Well, I always tell people to That's why you've got to work with vendors that you trust wedding planners like commanderies DJs, like you, Brock. I mean, we all know that you guys are going to show up and you're going to get what you promised and that are important. And I think that you know sometimes people underestimate you know what local have to offer just kind of going back to shopping local and shopping with the store and not or, you know, local bridal stores in general and not having to go to bigger cities, because I can promise you that. When you have that connection to that local shop, they will bend over backwards. That's the truth. That is for sure. Have you had any crazy situations like that, though, when the dress just came in? And it was all wrong? Have you had any, like emergency type situations that you've had? Many? Have you have? Yeah, so a lot of times, so like, for instance, rock in the situation of your wife, my first instinct would have been to remeasure her and then check into the dress back into the company to have them check on one of their fit models to make sure it wasn't accidentally tagged incorrectly. Because that has happened actually. And we had a bride come in arms like she called us and she's like, Hey, I'm at the seamstress. The seamstress doesn't wanna touch the dress because she said that the dresses several sizes too big. Well, long story short, she didn't. She just did. This particular seamstress didn't want to mess with the dress didn't have enough time. And sometimes that will happen and right, okay, so through the bride into frenzy, and I said, you know, this just according to like what we measured you out, we measured the bride, she was the exact same size, she was like this should fit something's not right with the dress, we send it into our designer and they're like, Oh, yeah, we don't know why. But this is like a size and a half too big to the best. So they ended up cutting the dress to her exact measurements. So she almost got like a little bit of a custom and then she just ended up needing him. So that's been, you know, yeah, a situation. And you know, we've had and, you know, we're all women, we're all human, we've had brands that have, you know, maybe gained weight, or, you know, whatever. And we've had to remedy that with alterations. And we are pretty OCD about like measuring and double check checking and triple checking to where we really don't encounter that a lot. We did have a situation like to where like the wrong colors come in on the dress, like maybe the bride wanted like ivory cashmere and ivory ivory ship to where like it was a situation with a design that they just like switched out for us or whatever. But the thing was brought the bridal industry, which you guys know is there's stuff like that. It's like you just I try not to panic, I never let my feelings overwhelm myself. Because at the end of the day, you've got to find a solution. And you've got to make it perfect for that bribe. And if I'm panicked and freaking out, that doesn't help the situation. And so really, I've learned to just be like, calm, cool and collected. I, I always tell my girls, I'm like, if you were on a ship, and the captain is jumping overboard, everyone's freaking out. You have it together, right? And you because you've got to be you, you've got to remedy that. That problem. And so to me, it's just it's there, it will always be away if you can just slow down enough to figure out what the situation is. But I mean, really, we are very lucky that we don't have when you are working with humans, there's always going to be a mistake. No matter who you are. We're not robots, mistakes will happen. But it's all in how you handle it. And really something that like I've always been big on is admitting a mistake. So if something was ordered incorrectly, like you know, whatever that situation may be if it's something that's onto Sorry, I say, Hey, that was our fault. We're taking care of it. It's going to be here in plenty of time, whatever the situation may be, or, hey, I'm gonna be honest, the vendor sent the wrong thing. We've got to switch it out. We had. I mean, I think it was one of your Brides, I think Yeah, bridesmaids dresses that they It was a new style and a new fabric for these particular for this particular designer. Oh, yeah, no. Yes, yes. Yeah. And they it's a phenomenal bridesmaid's dress designer. And in fact, it's probably the biggest one in the country. Really? Yeah. And and the address for us new fabric and when the dresses came in, and the bridesmaids are trying on dresses, the seams were popping, so we thought it was just one little come to find out I think she had 12 or 14 bridesmaids, every every dress. Yeah. So we like and we had shipped like half the girl lived out of the country. And so it's one of those situations we like got in touch with a designer, they literally whipped out brand new dresses fix the problem. And what's crazy is the dress was so new, this particular bride, I think she was like the first bride to actually place the order and get her order that her like by us getting those dresses she rim it like she solved her saved a lot of brides friend my same problem. Yes, because they ended up like fixing something with like the actual like garment and production to where it didn't do that. So then long story short, we got all of the dresses shipped back out, no harm, no foul, you know, but that's when you just tell the bride Hey, we're sorry. They're having issues in production. Unfortunately, you're the first person to get the dresses. On the flip side, you're going to get brand new dresses, and it's going to be amazing. So you know, I mean, yeah, there's so much to be said for that though, because I've even had people on my team that like when you make a mistake, you've got to own up to it. I can't help you fix that mistake. I can't help the solution. I can't be part of the solution if I don't know what's going on. So yeah, I love the fact that you're like when there's a mistake, we own up to it. We were like, let's let's come up with a solution. Because otherwise if you're just running around, the sky is falling, the sky is falling and there's no there's no attempt at trying to solve it doesn't help anybody. It does not help any right so i love i love that. That's kind of your mantra though, like let's fix it, you know, and I try not to go to a client with a problem until I've got a solution. And I know you're the same way it's like well until I until I'm like Okay, so here's the problem, but here's how we're gonna fix it. I don't I'm not gonna let them have that unnecessary worry, because that's just too much so yeah, that happens to me and they're like Brock, your DJ or you played the wrong song. I just point like this and hope Amanda is there Yeah, always on me. I'm so used to take me always it wasn't her fault. Like she's not the DJ. Well, I'm sure she had something to do with it. It's always my fault. Before we get to the next question, if you have any dry lips hit up Burt's Bees, vanilla bean is a favorite choice for me Burt's bee. I said, put it on your lips today make himself I love that he is pretending This is like a kid that has a YouTube channel that they think they're like broadcasting. Brock is like, yeah, imaginary vendors or have imaginary sponsors. I love it. I was gonna say to you, before we moved on that I like in the you know, I'm being super transparent about you know, things that can go wrong or that have gone wrong that we fix only because I think that's super important to be able to own up to those little things that happen, because you have to know that whoever you work with them. And if you want them to like take care of it. nip it in the bud. And anyone that says they're perfect is like, absolutely. all walks of life. Yeah. Yeah. So I just wanted to be super transparent about that. Because all the things like that, don't it is once in a blue moon. They do happen. And I think it's important, you know, to make people realize that Yeah, it does happen. But it's okay. Like it can be fixed. And here's, like you said, here's how we do it. Right? Well, and that's also a small percentage of instances. It's not like this is something that happens with everything. This is a very rare occurrence. So there's a lot of blame, but it is knowing that you know how to fix a problem is also it's just very, it's very valuable. For sure. Yeah. So who's your favorite designer right now, wedding dress designer, oh, we just picked up a new designer this time last market last April called the car. And so really, you don't know. Like, for instance, last April, we placed our orders, we didn't get those dresses until like August. Really, until a year later, you don't know how that designer is going to perform. I mean, you're just hoping upon all hope that you didn't invest all of this money to get the, you know, dress to bed. And then nobody likes that. Yeah, is a European line. We are one of like maybe eight to 10 stores in the whole United States that have that carry that particular designer. They are textured, like floral 3d. Not all of them have the orally but just amazing. Love. A lot of them have like gorgeous, you know, that deep B that everyone loves right now cool back. So that's the designer that we're really loving and brides are definitely taking to it because we have done very, very well with them being a designer for us. And how many times do you get a new dress in and you're like, I'm just gonna try this on to see how it looks on me. So it's funny, I used to never try on dresses because we would see them on brides all the time. Well, then, a little over a year ago, we started doing what's called wedding dress Wednesday on our Instagram story. And it's a huge thing like people love it. I would have never I mean, I wouldn't I knew people would like it. But like people love it. People that have nothing to do with the bridal industry. I mean, like really bending liking. Oh my gosh, all the time. Oh, it's funny. We started just like alternating all of us that work at the store. And and when it's my turn to get in a dress. I'm like, have you seen the episode of Michael Scott when he gets in his white jeans? And he's like, yes. Like That is me in a wedding dress y'all. I get this weird. Like, oh my gosh, I would say that not because I felt so good. But it's because the dresses are beautiful. They're made of talents and like they're nice dresses. So when you get in something that looks good and feels good. You feel like a million bucks. Seriously, it's the girls are always like, Oh my gosh, Lindsay like you. I love this transition because you do look good. And you probably feel good because you're working out all the time, right? Yeah, I get you know, I go ahead everyone roll your eyes at me that has been an eye our hobby really is fitness and just working out. It's not necessarily for an aesthetic thing as much as it is more of a mental just feel good. And like I said earlier, I'm competitive. My husband is certainly competitive. He just turned 40 and he is insane. Just super in shape. But we're both like competitive people. And so we're we've been working out you know, outside in our driveway in our garage because you know everything close and we get so tickled thinking of like what all of our neighbors think about us and we know a lot of them but we're like Todd and Marco off of Yes. He's like don't have kids. We're like working out we were running like sprinting yesterday unlike these days. A lot. Yeah. So we heard that I yes. Tada Margo. So and I know you guys have seen a little bit of my camp cut that I do with women's Fitness Boot Camp that I started this past summer so a bunch of my friends I said bench they were like three, they asked me if I would like Hey, would you ever you know think about doing fitness like a little fitness class for us. Maybe out of your garage? I was like yeah, sure we'll do you know, we'll like I'll just say 10 people and if 10 people say Great, I was thinking like, there's no way 10 people are gonna sign up. So basically 10 women signed up to work out in my garage. And that's now, you know, fast forward to now. And we have just under 100 women working out, I have shared space with another business. Yeah. So it's something that kind of just started to empower women mentally and physically, really create a community where women can come and work out and not feel like they were being judged for what they're doing or what they're not doing. And then on top of that, really get to know each other outside of just that specific time that they work out. So every I'd say like, it's usually a six week session that they sign up for, I try to have one what's called a camp cut Social where we'll do like a shopping event, or you know, dinner, or maybe like a happy hour or something to where people can get to know each other. And it's funny, because I'm starting to see all of these little connections that people are making. So like, you know, Stephanie is in game head. And she's made a connection with another wedding planner that you got, like she didn't really know before. And I know that and they had talked to me and stuff like that, you know, I've really wanted to get in touch with Amanda and like her team. So this has been a really great introduction for me. So it's cool to kind of see those connections and friendships that I made, which is exactly what I wanted. Yeah, yeah, it's been very well very successful. Well, let's talk about like getting in shape for the wedding. Because I know you see kind of both sides of it, you see a girl that comes in, she's intimidated by putting on a dress because she thinks it's going to be too small. It's a sample size, it's not going to fit. I know sample sizes are a little bit different. And you know, when we're trying on gowns, I've seen the claim on the back of the dresses, but so you've got a girl who's a little bit nervous, maybe she needs to lose 1520 pounds in her mind, not anybody else's mind. But in her mind, she needs to lose that weight. What are some goals that maybe she could put, you know, put in front of herself? And how would you address something like that? How do you from a fitness perspective, and from a boutique perspective, from like, just this total fitness standpoint, I would first off, say you have to have another goal than just aesthetics. Because really, if it's just to look good, you're not going to stick with it. And so it's okay if it's for the 10 or 15 pounds, or whatever it is, but make it like I want to not necessarily obviously want to look your best on your wedding day. But I want to feel my best I want to be the most that I can be on my wedding day, start out with that number one, and really get a different mindset. Because to me, although aesthetics are a bonus, and losing weight is a bonus to working out, it's really shouldn't be your main focus, because I think that ends up stressing people out more and away what can actually be kind of a fun and positive experience. And really, maybe, if you aren't really working out or you're not in a good habit of working out, it can really set you up to get in a habit later on down the road to continue working out. So that was number one. Number two is find activity that you absolutely like love to do, and try a bunch of different things. And don't underestimate the power of just moving. So getting up and going and walking your dog, if you have kids already made you know, or whatever it is just going and running out of the park, flipping on some good music and dancing your booty off, you know, don't underestimate that don't put a lot of pressure on yourself that it has to be this crazy, you know, huge thing. The women that come work out with me they're 45 minute classes, and they're fun, but they're hard. But they're 45 minutes, three days a week. So you're you know, start out with a small goal and can just stick with that. So maybe it's 30 minutes, three days a week. And then after that add on a little bit more. And then I'd said this but I didn't really elaborate on it was try a bunch of different things. It's you know, maybe yoga bar, a hit class running, or whatever it is and see what you love to do. Because when you find something that you love to do, you're going to stick with that. And then really just have fun and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Because when you're stressed it high. And that's what's gonna really stop you from losing those few extra pounds. But I always tell my brides that say that they want to lose weight, you are beautiful just the way you are. So don't you know like, don't put that pressure on yourself. Because at the end of the day, he's proposed to you and you are gorgeous. So don't even think twice about it. But I get you know, for you know, everybody wants to feel and look their best on their wedding day. So I understand that and that's a you know, almost every bride that we work with and always wants to lose a couple pounds but I always tell them they're gorgeous just the way they are. They don't need to you know don't put that awkward pressure. It sounds like they you know if they truly want to do it great. But if not, don't do it and you feel like you have to write Yeah, yeah, let's go to the opinion section brought to you by Sony headphones for the nicest headphones to wear while podcasting. You Sony headphones. They are just the best. We have zero sponsors, Brock, you're delusional. We have no sponsor. Talking about Hey, man, it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. I'll ask the first question and then Amanda, you can ask yours. This is just your opinion, no right or wrong answer Lindsay. Do you think that the bride and groom should pay for bridesmaids dresses and the tuxes or suits that the wedding party wears.

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