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Questions to Ask a DJ

Brock. Honestly, what else can we say? Amanda takes him away from his relentless quest for sponsors for a few minutes and we see how well he fares when asked the tough questions - the "25 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding DJ" provided by The Knot.

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Hey, I'm Brock with Brock entertainment am Amanda with Amanda Reed weddings. And this is the I do IQ Podcast where each and every week we're gonna be discussing the latest in wedding and event trend. And we're going to let you know all the things that you need to know in order to make your event the most special. Yeah, and Indian, you will have the best wedding and event experience ever. And something tells me we're going to have a little fun along the way. I don't know about that. I'm a pretty serious guy, man. And this is a serious topic. So only seriousness, serious business. This is the IQ IQ podcast. Let's begin. Hey, I'm Brock. I'm Amanda. And this is the I do IQ podcast. Amanda, how you doing? I'm so good. Thank you. How are you? I'm doing great. Let's just get right into it. Do it because today's a very special episode that many people have been looking forward to rainbow guys a very special episode. So before we get into the questions you may have for me Yeah. What are you obsessed with right now? I feel like I've had no free time but a lot of time like in my office and things like that. So I'm listening to a ton of podcasts. What podcasts are you into? There's a bunch. I mean, I love I love I do IQ of course, obviously. and inspire podcast. Yeah. Joe Rogan has won that with Elon Musk. That's actually really interesting. He's kind of such a weird guy anyway, but Trevor Noah is doing he's got his show podcast for a while. There's a lot that I listened to. I kind of think that Trent Kennedy's is interesting. You know, try Kennedy. I do know Trey King. All right. I have a story about you know him like, you know, well, I was doing a wedding at the ballroom and I St. Okay, I think it was a couple years ago now. And when I get there, they're having the ceremony inside. And they say, hey, this guy is gonna be singing a song. Will you mic him? He wants to do a mic check. I'm like, yeah, that's fine. Let's go for it. Okay, so they did a he's saying, I think somewhere over the rainbow maybe. And he had a musician that played with him. And so he did it. We did the ceremony is all good. Talk to him a bunch that hey, great job, blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, whatever. I have people sing at weddings all the time. Sure. And so I go up to him during the reception. We're dancing. I can put the mic in his face. You know, he's seeing it and I'm walking back to my booth and the score goes, you know who that is? Right? I go. Yeah, he's saying it the wedding earlier. Of course, I know who he is. Okay. He's the dude from two hours ago that saying like, no, that's Trey Kennedy. I go. Yeah, he said his name was Trey. That's what he said. Uh huh. But does that is that supposed to mean something to me? She's like, look on Instagram. He's Instagram famous. That's how she said he's Instagram famous Instagram payment and his whole other brain. Oh, my God. No way. So I looked him up. I'm like, okay, yeah. So when I got home, I looked him up again and watch his videos. Oh, okay. This guy's funny. Yeah. All right. And then we became friends on social. Okay. I mean, I haven't talked to him since a wedding. Yeah, I that's kind of like we're buddies. I just, I've seen a few of his little funny little videos pop up. There's a one like where he's talking about like teenagers or preteens having to do homework or something. And I'm like, I can so relate to the faces that he's making and the things he's saying I was like, I can relate to that having to homeschool my kids. Oh, yeah. Two months, I can completely relate and it just kind of made me giggle. No, he has a podcast a podcast. I listened to a little bit of it. So I don't know but it's I'd say that's my new podcast in general my obsession because it's an easy thing to have kind of going on in the background and you get you know, get a little bit of whatever going on. I've got a list a mile long of ones that I'm listening to like the true crime and all those I don't do those I'd rather low they're so good though. I can't explain it. I listen to the ones where it's like a prefer the interview type was I would like person to person. Yeah, I got I don't know, crime. Oh, man. I'm obsessed with that. But I think I worry too much then I think I was looking over my shoulder like am I gonna be the girl on the cruise ship? Like I don't want to be the girl but if you are listening to this podcast right now, please subscribe to it smash that like button. And yes, because you can watch this on YouTube as well. And leave a review on iTunes pot. Yeah, talk about Brock's hair. I hear that on a lot of other podcasts are saying that, please review it. So please do that. But give us 18 stars or whatever is the highest. That's a lovely seven stars. Impressive. I love so my obsession right now. So I'm not a big drinker. I don't just sit at home and drink at too many calories. Yeah. You're watching your girlish figure. But I was able to get out of the house. And I went to a photographer friend's birthday party had a fruit few guys over Yeah. And it was a cocktail party. Okay. And he was making the cocktail. So okay, the gift to him was bringing something to make cocktails with and that's what you gave him. Okay, so when I got there, he had a bottle of peanut butter whiskey is called screwball. Have you ever heard of that? I've never heard of this. And I look at him like peanut butter whiskey. I'm not a big whiskey guy. But I wonder what this tastes like. So he goes you will love it. If you like peanut butter. You're gonna love it so pours a little bit over ice gives it to me. I take a sip because whiskey is a sip and drink. Yeah, I'm like, Oh my gosh, this is like you actually like peanut butter. You want to make it even better said sure he pours a little bit of Kahlua in it. The coffee. Oh my gosh. Oh, so good. So the next day I run to the store buy a bottle of it. Yeah. And that's that's your thing. I mean, I don't drink that much, but it's so good. He didn't better whiskey that just seems like a really weird comment, right? It's delicious. You gotta try it. Okay, I have my car right now. shot shot, shot shot. Peanut Butter whiskey. Yeah, I grew up. Wow, I'm trying to wrap my brain around that one a little bit. I was I felt the exact same way. So before you go out and buy it. Yeah. And somebody who might have it like, yeah, my friend Brock. And you can try. Okay, that's interesting. Cuz Normally I'm a fruity drink guy. Yeah, I'm all about the the more cranberry juice, the more sugar you can put in it the better. Yeah. And not with this. Oh, interesting. I don't I'm not a whiskey drinker at all. But I could. It could be interesting. I do like peanut butter. So if you hate peanut butter, get make your jelly sandwich just jelly. Get a thought of whiskey. So you're just take a sip of the whiskey take about the same way. That seems to be a walking alcohol problem. Yeah, it's probably not a good thing. That I love it. That's a good obsession. That's a really that's interesting. Give it a shot. Give it a shot, and it makes it look cool. So I'm sitting here holding my glass of whiskey in it and you don't know it's peanut butter whiskey instead of holding my glass with the umbrella with your little pink umbrella. Yeah. Brock, what do you want? I'll take another Mai Tai. I'll take sex on the beach. Cosmo, you know the usual appletini if your wedding does not have an appletini Then why do you even have a wedding? Why have a wedding without an appletini? That is just saying. That's your new quote. I love it. Well, I'm kind of excited to talk to you today because what we're gonna This is very special episode. Yeah, we're talking about all things. Brock. Well, I don't know that we Okay, yeah, should do that. Of course, you think we should do that? I love that. We're gonna we're gonna do an episode where we talk all things, Amanda. Well, I'm not that interesting. You're very interesting. Maybe, maybe. So I've lived for many more years than I have. Any more stories and you have two kids only have one hurt? Well, you don't look older. You just oh, I'm well preserved. I guess that's all the it's all the peanut butter whiskey. I'm well preserved. So we all know kind of how you got your start if you've listened to the podcast at all because I know you're listening. We've got this big fan base with all these viewers. So if you're one of the millions of listeners, it turns into our show weekly or religiously and wants to join us because we all know we've got a big fan base which was so big, so big. You know that the kind of your story like how Brock got the name bra like where Brock came from? Well, my parents gave me the name the name but the name two different things. Okay name anyway, so you know kind of where you got started. And if you haven't, we can go back I don't know what episode that first episode was the first episode The introduction to Why do I write thanks for thanks for being a good editor. I know first episode Yeah. So but if you want to listen back and hear hear kind of how Brock got his start in the industry, then you can get that but something I did not know about you is that you are a published author. I am. I really thought you were kidding. When he told me this. Everybody knows me as a scholar. So no, I I got the opportunity last year to write not a book, but a chapter in a book about all your professionals. And it's called raising the bar. It's for sale on Amazon. It wasn't number one best seller for a day, we made the best seller top best seller, one domain matters domain. It doesn't matter how long it lasted, but it was there. So best selling author, I wrote a book and I always start writing books was guy you got to sit down and like write a paper which I hated to do in school, right? Oh, hated writing papers. But the the guy who approached me about doing he goes, you can do that. Or we got a set of interview questions because it was a conversation chapter. And so he got on the phone with me. They asked me the questions. I would talk my answers out halfway through if I'm like, Oh, you know what? I don't like that. Scratch that. This is what I want to say. And then they had somebody that dictated all of it. And a writer that went back, put it all together where it sounded good. Send it to me for approval, and then I would make my edits. That's pretty like this done. I don't like how this sounds. Yeah. And then punched it up, made it better and then send it back. And that's what that's pretty cool. Yeah, so you can find it on Amazon. Yeah. Do you think I could find it in somebody's garage sale bin? No, I I own 10 hard copies at my house that will be signed and given away. I can do that. If anybody wants one. I my parents have one course they do it my grandma. Yeah, of course. That's about it. They sold two copies. That's pretty exciting. That's really good. I did not know that. Yeah, I had the opportunity. And I'm like, you know what, this is really well, that was on my bucket list. I wanted to be a published author, but I didn't know how to do that. And then it just kind of fell in my lap. That's usually how the best things happen. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah. Would you write a like a full book if you I mean, do you feel like you have enough content Do you feel like you have enough to say I probably could I just don't know, I have a hard time putting certain things in the coherent chapters I hear kind of squirrel all over the place. Yeah. And that's what was cool about this whole experience is I was all over the place with my answers. And they made it sound like I wasn't new. What you're saying. Is guys, not on drugs. He's just add and yeah, very interesting. Oh, that's very cool. I think you should write a book. I've thought I've joked about it. People have, like, every time they're like, Oh, my gosh, I can't imagine the stories you can tell. And I definitely have some crazy stories to share. But I've actually started working on on you should say that. Funny, you should mention that. I've taken my team and I've been working on taking like our planning process and putting it into a book format for our clients. So that when they when they first sign on with us, we give them you know, this cute little, you know, kind of onboarding gift or whatever, and are working on putting putting our process into a cute little planning book looks cool. I'm excited about it. I really am. And I think eventually it could parlay into something bigger. I'm there Barnes and Noble you go through I mean, there's 1,000,001 planning guides out there. But none of them in my opinion hits exactly where it needs to. Yeah. So you know, I can be one of the million to make it better. I but I think that, you know, I think that the practical applications and some of the thoughts and some of the processes, I think, I think could be better. So it was cool. I know. Yeah. onsale Oh, no, no, not there yet. Do you have a lot of stories to tell? I I probably do as well. But when posed with the question, what's the craziest blah, blah, blah, like, you go blank? I have no idea. I cannot get a part of probably 1000 plus weddings and events. Yeah, I'm like, have you ever had this happen? Maybe, but once that event is over, it's like, I'm done with that. Now. I'm moving on to the next one. So I probably should write some things down. Because I know my stories. I just forget them. I had an intern one time that would go home after every event and would write just kind of like what had happened that night things that I had already long since forgotten. Yeah, I absolutely loved when she would retell me those stories. A few months later, I was like, I completely forgot. Now. Like if I if I were smart, I would do the you know, the little recording. I mean, it's so easy on our phones. And I think you could record even just like little snippets of funny things that have happened because I really do think that obviously, there'd be a lot of names to change. A lot of innocent to pretend. But there are some crazy things that have happened. We need to do an episode about that. Okay, horror stories, crazy things that have happened at weddings. Yeah, I maybe we need to kind of pull some of our industry friends. Because you know, each of us have our different perspectives and the different you know, you saw that half of it. I saw Yeah, what happened right before? Yeah, there's a lot of crazy stuff. But I just forget I didn't you I think that just block it out. And by the time you get home, you're tired. You decompress. And you just don't wanna think about it, though. Like, what what next event? Do I yeah, absolutely. So I think that's, I love that. So what I want to do with you today, okay, we all know the not the not as well known as probably one of the one of the foremost I don't know, experts in wedding planning. I get a lot of questions, sometimes kind of crazy questions that people ask me. Well, the knot says I should be doing this. And sometimes I have to giggle because I'm really okay. Okay, well, let me answer that for you. But okay, so what I want to do is I want to ask you all the questions that you need to ask your wedding band or DJ from the knot. I love the knot I've been writing since 2011. I think that's pretty every year since 2009. Got a straight down and you better keep that up. Yeah. Okay. So the tagline is, don't hire your reception music without doing a little due diligence. So Northwest Arkansas and beyond everyone who wants to know I'm doing my due diligence right now for you on Brock, the Brock Short. Okay, so number one, I'm going to fill these questions. By the way, I'm just he has not not been front loaded. He knows. There's quite a list. I've read through questions before and I know and that's why that's kind of gonna be fun. I think so we'll see. Or I've had clients call me and you can tell they're made a list. Yeah, like, pass on that one. Yeah, pass. Yeah, agreed. Next. Okay. So number one, how would you describe your style pass? What? You can't pass by question. First one. Yeah. So our style is, I mean, we can be a chameleon for any event. So we can adapt to whatever event first and foremost, we don't have a set style, per se, musical style or anything. We have more than one DJ. So the DJ that the couple gets is a DJ that fits their style, the best. So I how do you figure that out, though, from the first I mean, like from the jump, how do you know what's going to happen with that I hadn't, I haven't fill out a questionnaire, okay, and what styles of music and whatnot that they like, and through conversations that we have, I get the style that they're into, but the style and I mean, we're very interactive, we're very more a lot more fun. But like I said, if you don't want that we can scale back. we accommodate the couple and make it fit them. But when you hire us, you know what you're getting. You're writing that fun interactive company who will if you don't have a wedding planner will take the rest And make your wedding run smoothly. And we'll make it fun. That's what I tell couples. You just show up, get married, have fun. We'll take care of the rest. The rest you shouldn't have to worry about anything. When you hire us. It's good. You'll even cut the cake and everything I ever had to do that. Yeah, no, you haven't. Yeah, I got pictures of it. Yeah, that's me. And another guy that I was training at the time. Stop DJ, they didn't have anybody cutting the cake. Nope. So we went over there. We're cutting cake serving it cuz Background music playing course. So I make the announcement and then I start serving it. No way. You had to do it once. I'm like, I'm the worst cake cutter. But you're like, there's a science to that. There's a science to that. Let me tell you. I didn't know what I was doing. It's hard, but they loved it. And it was fine. And I'm like, I'm a DJ. What am I doing? What am I doing? I have cut the cake more times than I care to admit it not want to and that's not it's not why I'm there. No, you don't want me there to have you serve drinks. I had to serve drinks. It's not legal. I have I've assisted Yeah, like yeah, it makes me a little nervous. Yes. I'm just like, I pour wine, poor beards. Whatever. I definitely I prefer not to but yeah, there's been a time or two and I've and I don't mind hostessing and running at a cocktail. But yeah, so our style is I mean, we are just more fun and interactive style is your style. Exactly. We we fit you and your wedding. But knowing that we can adjust to anything. You're the Burger King of weddings. Is that what Burger King your way? Isn't one that Burger King? I don't know. Have it your way. Have it your way. Isn't that burger. I don't eat foods now. remind us how good you are. Okay, never to Can we come listen to you perform. Yeah, sure. Okay. I mean, you can crash your wedding. You don't want to go and be noticed. Yeah, I have couples that asked that a lot. Can we come see you performing? He's sure. But know that what you see at this event was probably not gonna be what you're gonna see at your event. I mean, because we're adapting to this wedding. So if you come and be like, Oh, he played this music. Oh, we don't like that. That's what this couple that's what they want it. So you have to realize and understand this is a completely different event than what your wedding is gonna let me ask that then this may be one of the I don't really even know what all the questions are having. But let me kind of go off map there. If someone gives you a terrible playlist of songs that you're like, I mean, yeah, I can I can play this, but nobody's going to dance. Right? How do you react to something like that? So I, I will have that conversation with a couple. Yeah, that does happen. In the couple. We have musical tastes like music that I love. But I know it's not event music. Oh, you're not going to go? Well, I have a lot of couples, especially over the last few years that when they book us, it was like, you know, our weddings gonna be different. Like, okay, we don't want the typical wedding music. And my response is, well, what's the typical wedding music in your opinion? Well, the songs that are always played, like, names some of those songs and they named them like, okay, I don't play that one. That one, that one, but I do play these others. And do you want to know why? Like, yeah, why it's just so cheesy. I'm like, well, it's songs that people know. And that they will dance to. If somebody doesn't know a song, they're less likely to dance to it talked about that before. We're the dance floor. So you play songs that people know and are familiar with, because you don't have a ton of time right at a wedding to get people familiar with a new playlist of songs that they don't know. It's like, well, we want to hear this and a lot of indie people I Indies, my favorite music, right dial, it's not very danceable, try very hard to dance to, and your guests, no matter who they are probably not going to dance to now. So you have to be open minded and and think, you know, it's not just about us, it's about our guests, too. This is a party for them that we invited. We want them to have fun. So in my opinion, we can play some of those songs. But once you see this is not working. You've got to trust us to do what we do. Right and play the music that will engage your crowd. Yeah, but yeah, we get that a lot. Oh, yeah, I'm sure I'm sure. Okay. Number three, this is a great one. You're gonna love this question. And I will give you a pass on this if you have to. Do you know our reception space? And its acoustic power and amplification requirements? If not, will you check it out beforehand? If it's in Northwest Arkansas? Yes, we do. Yeah. And our equipment doesn't pull that much power. So when couples ask us that type of question, like how much power do you need? I need one outlet. That's all Yeah. And now with ceremonies being out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes I've built our systems to where they're battery powered. So I don't even need our oil. And I bought these bricks that we can plug in microphones and pull power from that. And it's perfect. That's pretty cool. It is great love that can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. Well, the technology wasn't there until recently but but you don't have these you know, orange extension cords running across the field now but if I do know that the ceremonies out at someone's farm and it's in a field I will ask is there power available? Shall I know we didn't think about that. Well, we need a generator. And you have they have to provide that. Of course we do need power. Sure, but we do not pull hardly any wattage battery thing is very cool. Yeah, it's really cool. And it's just one speaker. Yeah, it's it's out there. And it pumps out so much sound. That's first ceremony. Yeah, love that. Okay, number four, can you play the songs that are important to us, such as traditional Jewish hora tune or a favorite pop hit? Or even the chicken dance? won't play whatever you want to hear? Yeah. So going back to your question about playlist. Sure. There was one wedding that I had. That was way earlier my career was over 10 years ago was in Fort Smith actually. And the bride and groom nice couple, but the bride was like, What shall we offer you can put a playlist in a do not playlist if there's specific songs you don't want to hear, right for whatever, you know, whatever reason she had over 250 do not play soccer cheese and like 40 play songs. So I'm going through her list. I'm like, these are every song that I would ever play, right? Do not play songs on our playlist. songs. I would never think of playing God because they're not danceable or nobody knows them. Or they're just bad song. Right? And so we start the reception. Everybody's wanting to dance. They're coming up requesting songs, and she said, No, like, if it's requested. No, some brides I get will be like, well, if it's requested, you can play it right. No line dances, which is fine. I'm not a huge line dance fan, right. I only use them if I have to. And anything anything danceable sir guests or Hey, can you play this? I'm like, No, Hey, can you do this? No. So I'm playing her playlist. Nobody's dancing, and I'm trying to engage and get people to dance, but they weren't good songs, right? She's not even dancing. The groom's not even dancing painful. So the wedding goes it. It was it was hard. At the end of the night, she comes up to me and I said, Hey, you know, thank you. Congratulations. So it's such an honor to be a part of your wedding. She goes, Oh, it was great. Thank you. I just I wish people would have dance more. I looked at her just kind of like, Are you messing with me? I go. Are you serious? She goes, Yeah, I just really wish people to dance more. I go to be honest with you. They did want to dance more. But you all the songs they requested. Were on your do not playlist and she's like, yeah, I didn't want those songs played, said well, they wanted to dance to them. But they couldn't. She's like, okay, I said, but I tried. Yeah. And so like, Oh, no, it was great. Thank you. And that was that. But sweating. Could have been amazing. Yeah. But they were ready to go. They just yeah, so don't you know, if you're getting married, don't be so stringent on you know, we got to have these songs. We can't have these songs. Because your guests are a mix of all genres. I got hate country music just in general. Yeah. But if I see that it's a big country growing country. I'm gonna play more country like it as a DJ, you have to hire somebody who knows how to read the crowd. And know you know what, this isn't working. This might have worked last night at the event. I did it but it's not working tonight, because it's completely different group. Right. But this is working. We're gonna hang out here for a little bit longer. When I got married. I had one song on my playlist that I didn't want to hear and it's not the one you think no, celebrate. Celebrate. What do we need to tell that story? Probably like where that even came from? But yeah, I had one song and it was brown eyed girl. I hated that song. I don't like this. I don't know. Why did I just don't like that song. Yeah, so that was my only song and I told the band that I was like, I don't want to hear about my girl. He's like, well, but I've got a scar version of it. And it was to get married though. I'm here in 2002. And so like always still a thing mighty mighty bosstones like all that. I would have started puking right there on the day. It was actually really great. It was actually really liked it. I liked it. I liked it. I can't I it's weird. And I was like, maybe a skull version of celebrate would be good. Maybe Maybe you can win me ever with that. I don't know. It was funny. Like, he threw it in there. And I was like, Oh, god, this is terrible. And I was like, wait, this is kind of cool. It's kind of okay, so it worked out. So it speaks to the to the thought that you just have to trust the people you hire. But the fact that you said this is the only song I don't want to hear and he still threw it in. Yeah. I wouldn't have done that. I was okay with it. He said, will you trust me? He ran it by trust. Okay, you didn't just do it. I was like, Oh, no, whatever. I know, it's popular. And for whatever reason that one was so popular around that time, people you know, just Van Morrison crazy. I don't know if I'm ever getting to where the crowd wants to dance. But a bride and groom don't want to hear those songs. I'll go up to the bride now. Let them know. Yeah, your guests want to party. Yeah, but they want to hear these songs right here. Can I play them? Yeah, I guess that's fine. That's kind of the way it was approached. Okay, number five. This one actually relates to a band. But the follow up question is do you work with a partner and who actually is going to be there on the day of the event? Okay, so no, we don't work with more than one DJ. There's no reason to right. No, no, I mean, within your team, I think is might be what that meant. Not that you work with no, no, like another DJ on my team. There's only one of us that goes to the event. There's no reason for two three guys got it. Yeah, there's just no reason for it. Yeah, who is gonna be at your wedding? I usually don't know that for a month to two weeks before the wedding, right? Just depending Do you get a lot of pushback on that? Sometimes I do. But then you're hiring us and our reputation you just have to trust me Yeah, that I will send the best and you're gonna get the best. Yeah. So I get a lot of people and I had to put in my contract especially when I first started that you're hiring Brock entertainment, not Brock Short try, and I train my guys on my team to do and be just like me while we all have our certain personalities, and I'm different than this guy, we're gonna run your wedding and do the wedding the exact same. So if I'm not there, they are gonna do what I would do, because my name is on it, right? And you're gonna have to hire a DJ anyway. So why wouldn't you hire us because I'm putting my stamp on it. Like, you don't get me you're gonna have to hire a DJ, why not hire the next best? That's a really good, which is one of my guys. I really like and a lot of times, I'll be like, this guy's better suited for you anyway, because either he likes country music or your crowd is more suited for this, you know, another team member? Okay. Yeah, I like that. Good question. That's a good answer. I like that. But I had to let people know. And I had an instance, because a lot of people knew me from a radio show I did a few years ago when I still am. But when I first started in this couple hired me, and when I didn't show up, they're like, we're so disappointed. We really want to Brock. We listened to him all the time on the radio. At that point, I had not been on the radio for two years. Yeah. And I go, oh, when was the last time you listen to me? Well, we listen to you every day. I go. Well, I'm haven't been on the radio. So thank you don't you don't listen. So like, how was your wedding? It was great. We just really want to do, but do you know me? No, we just it was great. Like, yeah, your wedding was great. That's all the memory. Oh, that's hard. Yeah, I've run into that, though, to know, people, when your name is on that your name is on the marquee, they expect you Where's Amanda, and it's not here, but that we are in a different city, you're getting the same experience you are regardless. And that's you know, and I have a team of people who work with me, and I have to say, yeah, I think this is a good fit for this person, or this is a good fit for this person, you know, and I think I finally got to a turning point in my career when I was like, I can't physically be at all right, I cannot do all of this. And I had one year where I just was like, I'm exhausted. I have not seen my family in six months. I literally every weekend. I mean, this is not how this is supposed to be. So that's when I was very conscientious of what I was going to take. And when I was going to give things to team members. Well, in this industry, if you want to grow your business, you have to add people, right, or you'll just stay at the same place. Increase your pay to if you know if you're happy with where you are. But if you do want that growth, and I wanted to grow, so I added team members, and it's just got more and more over the years and to where we are today. How many do you have right now? Uh, there's 15 plus Christ. So I have, you know, a lot of guys that are part time that will only do events if I absolutely need them. Right. And some of those guys are some of the best, but they just have other agents that they've worked for me for years. They just have moved on with life or have had kids or and are still there. They never quit. They just don't do events all the time. Got it. Number six, what do we need to rent any instruments? piano? Whatever? Yep. or equipment, extra speakers or stage or whatever? Do we need to rent anything additional? No, no. If you're, if you're hiring somebody to play, you have to provide the piano or whatever, right? We don't provide that. But as far as speakers and stuff we got you taken care of. Yeah, you don't have to worry about that all in one. Yeah, we we only offer one package. It's all inclusive, because your guests don't know, oh, they didn't rent lights. They didn't add the extras. They don't know that your guests. So if the DJ shows up and looks like he doesn't have anything. Yeah, it's because you didn't pay for it. Right? We provide everything up front because we want to put our best foot forward. And going back to playlists is another good thing when they're at a wedding. And the people are like, Man, this DJ sucks. He's playing such crappy music. And you have to look at the people that are saying, and I'll read lips, and I'll be like, this is all the couples not me. No. And yeah, this is what people have to realize the DJ doesn't pick every song. And if it's a crappy song, maybe the DJ picked it. Or maybe it was on the playlist. Yeah, you know, so yeah, we try to put our best foot forward and not try to muddle it with you know, if you had this it's an extra $50 or you can have this isn't, it gets messy. This is the cost we do by ours. We don't do all inclusive hours because I respect my DJs time and weddings are not all ours. So we've been to enough weddings where you don't want a wedding going forever. So that's just a marketing ploy when you hear that, oh, they're this much for unlimited hours and like you don't you don't want 12 hours. No, it's not a thing. Like five hours is where I tell couples to book because five hours is the typical reception and ceremony Yes. And that's a lot longer than you think it is. It is and then you can book more time if you need it. But if you book eight hours and you only six you're still paying for eight hours right? So right I don't like the all inclusive thing. I'll never do the like the all hours thing because I respect my the guys on my team and I respect myself more to know that it's 10 o'clock the wedding's over party. They don't want to add more time. Not I'm staying here until everybody is gone. And I don't know what time that's gonna be right? That's not fair. No. Well, most of them the venue needs to close like they're there. Yeah, there's a definite end time on an event. And so I think having that all laid out in the front is a lot better. Oh, yeah. Okay, do you plan to use lighting or any other special effects, which you kind of touched on? So we only use a lighting tree? So we have a lighting tree that we only turn on once the dancing is started? I never got into up lighting or specific, you know, lighting, because that's not my specialty. I leave that to Lightworks guys that specialize in that. So we chose to specialize in we are entertainers we are DJs. We're entertainers. This is what we do. We don't have a photographer, we don't have a you know, all this. And we don't do lights, because that's not our specialty. Right? We will guide you to that, you know, area, we want to be great at one thing. I found that interesting, too, because there are a lot of companies that are branching out and have like, kind of an all inclusive thing with wedding planning. I mean, they're like, they're the venue and other caterer. And they're the flower you know, the florist and then you can't jack of all trades master of none, you can right all well. So I think you're better to kind of branch out and allow different and I've been asked if I want you know, do you want to do a photo booth? Do you want? Do you want to invest in lights and do lights? I think I don't Okay, like I love entertaining, I want to be the best of the best at that. and not have to worry about getting to the venue five hours early to set up lights and to you know, hang drapes and all and like now it doesn't interest me right. I'll stick with the entertainment. I like that. Well. Next question is that I am going to be getting into wedding planning. So join on the Amanda Reed weddings team. No, I just stick with DJ, he's got a contract with him. Okay, he will do the setup, you just answer that we're not going to go into that. How do you ensure a comfortable sound level for all the guests. So we'll once especially so there's two different sound levels. There's the sound level during dinner and the cocktail hour or whatever. And we'll get out there and walk the floor and make sure people can aren't having to yell when I talk, right. And then once the dancing starts, same thing we'll get out there and and I tell my guys, if you're walking out in front of speakers, and it's too loud, and like hurting your ears, it doesn't need to be that loud. Right? Like there's a comfortable level if you're at the back of the room, and it's still too hard to talk. Yeah, it's way too loud. Yeah, you just need to keep the loudness right there on the dance floor. Grandma doesn't need to be hearing that out in her car. She's trying to leave because her ears are hurting. Yeah, great. It's an adjustment because some people have a different definition of what's allowed and what's not right. But if you're on the dance floor and it's like you're screaming to be heard is too loud. I'm very picky about that. I'm too i don't i and you know there's there's no reason to just like literally kill everyone's eardrums. But no and because and we don't bring subwoofers to weddings. The the equipment that we have, has plenty of low bass. But people are wanting to be blown out at a wedding. It's in the venues here in Northwest Arkansas especially, are not overly huge to where you need to fill that space with so much bass and try and what causes the sound gets really distorted and it doesn't sound good anyway, but that's just a personal preference. I mean, I don't have anything against it. I just I know that speakers that I bought provides so much space that I'm even having to turn it down. Because bass is what travels. That is what if you're at stone chapel, like music is too loud. It's not that your musics too loud. So your bass is too loud and it travels further and you can hear banging off of people's homes and stuff. Yeah, okay. It's not the high end is the low end. Gotcha. Okay, all right. Interesting. Number 10. What do you typically wear? And I know the answer is shorts and a tank top tank and a little beanie. But what what what other attire might we find you wearing so when I first started I would wear black jeans and black Converse, all black Converse and then just a shirt a dark shirt, and I was not well versed in the world of wedding wear. Then I became friends with Myles Boyer and he was the same way he would wear a V neck black shirt. Yeah, and pants and we this is all my timehop just the other day we went and saw Justin Timberlake Yeah, and I bought my first bow tie. Yeah, it was a j t boat. No, it wasn't Yeah, suit and tie bow tie 2012 and that was the first time I wore a bow tie and from then on I'm like I'm a bow tie a bow tie guy and I started wearing bow ties and but him and I had the conversation you know what if the type of clients we want are the ones that you know our higher end you got to dress a certain part just for the job we always were like we don't want to dress in a tux and look like we are a groomsmen sure and look like ridiculous basically. So let's get some nice suits. Let's get a signature style and let's do that and then I just started I started getting into wooden bow ties Yeah, there so can I wear those? Yeah, lately though. I've just been wearing. I have not been wearing bow ties at all or even a tie. I will be wearing a printed shirt and I'll just button it to the top. Oh, but I always wear a suit because I love suits dress shoes. I love Dress socks I have so much. But even on my team, I'm like, you have to look just as good as your guests. Or you will stand out, agreed. And when I started wearing wooden bow ties, everybody would always come up. If I'd be training a new DJ, go within the first 20 minutes somebody will come say they love my bow tie or ask if it's wooden. Yeah, it will be a big deal. Sure enough, you know, I'm like, Wow, man, I said, you got a dress for the clients you want and it just looks like you're professional. If you dress down, you don't look like you should be there. And you don't look like you deserve the price that we are charging. It's the same reason I wear heels through the cake cutting. Yeah, my feet are bleeding heart. I can't stand it. But I feel like I need to I still need to present that look. And even after that I changed to Tory Burch flats, their flip flops, but they're stylish. Have your toenails done and there's no chip on there. We you know, we were put together but I think that's very important. I think it's I do it is sad to me not sad, but it's it's upsetting to see a vendor that shows up and is not properly attired, because we are we're asking these guests to rise to a certain level and i think that i think the vendors should as well. So I do love that. Speaking of bow ties, there was a I need to show you this picture. I won't do it right now. But there was a company that I found in Charleston when I was out there that makes bow ties with little feathers. They're made out of duck feathers. cutest things I like it was you I have a peacock one so cute. Yeah, I've seen that. But I remember seeing it and just being like, Oh my gosh, this is so broad. I just love in your shop for you know, a few episodes ago, I talked about spreads. unboxing Yeah, accessories. I love that kind of stuff. And that's just been over the last while I guess almost 10 years now. But I realized after I started doing that, that clientele that we started getting was trying better. And they would pay the premium price. So right and I just feel good in a suit. Yeah, my guys feel good. You know, it just sets us apart from other dudes. Yeah, there's something to be said for dressing a little bit. You know, your Sunday, we're not wearing tuxes and cummerbunds and looking like we're groomsmen even though more groomsmen are getting into just regular suits trade. So does I'll show up because on our wedding planner format, what are your wedding colors? And I try to match those? Yes. Well, it's like, oh, my gosh, I'm wearing the exact same suit as the groomsmen. Yeah, I'm wearing the exact same color as the bridesmaids. Yeah. Been there? Yeah, I've not been mistaken for a bridesmaid necessarily, but I've definitely like I look like a house party or something. Because my dress matches to Oh, and I'm like, Oh, come on, guys. But he will I get a lot of compliments. Like, how did you? How did you know the wedding colors? Yeah. How did you mean to match this wedding? Yo, yo, Penny, I love it. I think this has already been addressed. So we can skip over it. But how many hours are included in the package? It just pay out? It's customizable. Yeah. Um, how do you handle song requests? I think we talked about that, too. So sometimes a couple will be like, we don't want song requests. Other times, we'll take song requests all night, whether we play that song is up to the song, right? So if the song is not a song that fits with their wedding, I'll say yeah, I'll try to get to that. Or if I know I'm not going to play it. And I'll be like, Do you have another request? Because we're not I can't play that song. What else do you have? Right? Or if we've moved through the night, right, and we're we got less than an hour left. And we just got to new music and it comes up and wants to hear something from the 70s. Right. Like we already passed that we're really not going back. Yeah, I'll keep it here. If you know, I'll write it down if maybe we can get to it. But I'm not promising any right. Or if I know it's a bad request, but they're like you got to play it. And for some reason I have to and I know it's bad. Like this one is from a Karen got here. They are looking at me and be like not for me. This is the worst. Why would you play this? Like this is Karen. Karen. Karen, this is not me or Hey, I don't play songs twice. So unless the bride is like the bride and groom are like, you got to play this. We want to hear it again. I'm not playing cupid shuffle we already did to keep a shuffle. We're gonna do it again. No. And we did like doing it the first time but we're not doing it again. So I'm not gonna play a song twice. I mean, that's a lazy DJ. Yeah. Somebody that really doesn't know what they're doing. But the only instance like one wedding, one of my DJ said, Dude, I played shout four times said why, I guess because the bride said it was a family song and kept requesting it. And he said they loved it. They danced every time. But they all knew it was a family song. Yeah, fair enough. And so he played it more than once. But because I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. Because we don't do that, you know, but it's the bride's wedding will do whatever she wants. Yeah, I would agree. I mean, do whatever they want. Yes, yeah. Can you act as a master of ceremonies? That's what we do. And you do it very well. And if they have like, Oh, we want cousin Eddie to introduce the couple. I'm like, do you though, do you really like you're paying us to emcee your event? Right. And I know, nobody's gonna do it better than us. So I'm not the only instance where somebody did do it better than us was when I did a wedding for a couple that were Razorbacks. Yes. And the announcer from the Razorbacks. Yeah. And now it's the couple. So a little different. I guess that makes sense. Because this is his profession as well, right? So in those instances, I'm like, Yeah, but when they hire us, they're getting an MC. They're getting a masters of ceremonies, so you don't have to worry about that.

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