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The Best Wedding Podcast Is Here!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It's here! A brand new podcast for people in the wedding and event industry and also for people planning weddings and events. In this episode, get to know Brock and Amanda and what you can expect from this podcast.

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Hey, I'm Brock with Brock Entertainment and Amanda with Amanda Reed Weddings.

This is the, IDOIQ podcast where each and every week we're going to be discussing the latest in wedding and event trends.

And we're going to let you know all the things that you need to know in order to make your event the most special. Yeah.

And in the end, you will have the best wedding and event experience ever.

And something tells me we're going to have a little fun along the way. I don't know about that. I'm a pretty serious guy, man. And this is a serious topic. So only seriousness. This is the IDOIQ podcast. Let's begin. Welcome to the IDOIQ podcast. I'm your host Brock with Amanda. Amanda. We've been talking about this podcast for over a year now. Well, okay. Let's be honest. Okay.

You've been talking about it and now you finally broken me down and got me to agree to it. So

Well originally let's, let's get the backstory on this originally. It was supposed to be a TV show. I don't remember that conversation. Yes. The whole thing was going to be a TV show and they were going to cut that up into a podcast. And then I just drug my feet and it was a lot more work than a, we had both

Anticipated. Finally though we're behind the mic. We're recording this intro podcast right here. And we're going to talk about ourselves because we're in the wedding industry. And this podcast is for people who are in the wedding industry, wedding vendors, or couples that are thinking about getting married. So it fits two purposes or anybody who just likes weddings in general, but who just likes to, I mean, I have had people ask me if they could be professional wedding Crashers before they're like, put me on your list. I'd like to know you. I know you need hot guys at weddings, the dance with the girls. Can I be your Crashers? I've had that. But do they base their their asking off of movies they've seen because I'm like, J-Lo they think I'm J-Lo with the earpiece. And I'm like, it's so not how that goes.

Oh, not even a little bit. And everyone's like, man when you DJ, is it a lot like a wedding Crashers, like never once had a wedding Crashers moment. Maybe I'm a horrible DJ, but that's not real life. Right.

And the Multitudes of beautiful women that are in every scene. That's not real life, not real life. And if they are beautiful, they are married. That's true. That is true. Or yeah. Yes, yes, yes. You're right

Basically this podcast. So we're going to delve into everything in the industry. We're going to talk to photographers and other vendors videographers wedding venue, owners and wedding planners. And you are a wedding Planner and I am a DJ.

So, and we've been in the business. I've been in the business over 15 years. How long?

Oh, really? I'm at about, I don't even know I'm I'm about seven or eight years. Probably

One of the first weddings that you planned, because I think I have a picture of it somewhere. Wasn't wasn't it in Rogers at the embassy. I think it might've been wow. I do have a picture they're still married. Right? Are they? I, I don't keep in contact. I do. I'm the DJ. I don't have that trail. You don't have interaction once the wedding is over. I'll send a thank you card and then I'm done.

I should, I should clarify that the vast majority of our couples are still married.

I do know that. Yes. There's only been two or three couples that I've done two different weddings. I've never done it. I've never gotten the repeat. Yeah, man, we loved you the first time. It didn't work out. It wasn't your fault. But yeah,

That's interesting. Now I've only had, well had one where the couple broke up. But I, and I told them the bride, when she told me the story, they had just mailed invitations and everything and had to retract all this. And we spent all this time undoing what we had done. And I just said, you know, I understand let's just let me be your first call whenever the, whenever you find Mr. Right. And I was so I didn't get to it. Wasn't a dual wedding, like, or know, repeat wedding, but it was like planning a second wedding with her.

Have you ever had a groom hit on you? No. Okay.

And is it a different story, but that's a given, I guess, but

Yeah, never a groom. No.

Sometimes, sometimes I have a better rapport with the groom. Not most of the time, the bride and I bond really well, but sometimes, you know, the Grimm has kind of a quirky sense of humor or something. And, you know, maybe the bride's a little bit concerned about certain things and I, you know, I can kind of see through and, and talk to him in ways that I can't talk to the bride. But yeah, no, no, I've never had a, I never had a really awkward encounter with that. No.

So we got a lot of stories that we're going to get to throughout this podcast. So many stories I've been a part of probably, Oh my gosh. Close to a thousand weddings. Gosh, just because I can do two or three in a weekend. Right. I mean, yeah. What's the most in a week and you've been able to do

Any wide. We can tackle three me personally, one, like I, it's just, it's exhausting because it's, you know, it's an 18 hour day at best and you know, the way I feel on a Sunday morning, I want to, I mean, I'm, I'm, I'm zonked out. I'm out. I have nothing. I have nothing left to give. So two and a weekend is rough, rough, rough, rough. I have done that a couple of times and that stuff, but yeah, I'd say, gosh, if I were to add up my, I need to add up my number and see where I really am, but say, you know, 15 to 20, cause there were a couple of years where I did pretty heavily and I've really scaled back now, you know, and try to keep, try to spread out the work with my company a little bit better than just myself taking it all on, but I've probably, Oh my gosh, I needed the math on that three or 400.

It's a lot, a lot of weddings, a lot

Of, a lot of brain power tied up in flowers and rentals and songs and playlists. And you know, all the people that go into that food,

There's a lot of back and forth with a lot of back and forth. So that brings me to the first question to know Brock and Amanda. So let's get to know you first. So you've been in the wedding industry, you said about seven years. What were you doing before you got in?

It's a really good question. I love telling, I love telling the story and why I kind of fell into it honestly. So a little bit of background on me. My, my degree is interior design. I graduated from the university of Arkansas and I actually loved what I did, but I was working in Bentonville, had opened I didn't open the furniture store, but I had become kind of the buyer and principal designer for a furniture company and loved it until I didn't. And I was like driving a Bentonville twice a day. You know what they are in home every day. It was a lot of, this is when they were building the bypass. It was still difficult. It wasn't easy drive. You know, that extra 30, 45 minutes to commute, which I know, I know we're so lucky, you know, but that was, it added a lot onto my day. And I would call my mother every day at all. I don't know what I'm going to do. This is not why don't you teach? Okay, well, so I got my non-traditional licensure. I taught for a few years and I really loved it. I taught at Springdale high school. Oh I did. I taught family consumer sciences. I did. I taught family consumer sciences. So home-ec is what,

See, I'm learning everything. Right. I don't know very much about you at all your past life.

That's so funny. No, I, yeah. So my that's my, my past life is that I was a high school teacher for a few years. And now oddly enough, I've married several of my past students, which has been kind of fun. So they'll call it ms. Reed. So ms. Reed to do their wedding, but

Doesn't that make you feel old? Super old to get married, right? Get out of here.

But now that the funny thing is I was just a few years older than those students. And so they're my peers. Now, a lot of them are my peers. And so let's see, I also coach the dance team. And so I was very involved in the school culture. And then I got pregnant with my first child and I was like, okay, I am not down to put my daughter in daycare and then go babysit somebody else's kids. I wouldn't say that's. I mean, that's, I did a lot more than that, but that's kind of how I had to break it down. I was like, she's more important and I wanted to stay home. So I basically just didn't return my contract. My husband was not on board with us at first. I was like, I'll be fine. We'll be fine. We'll figure it out.

And I did, I painted, I did kind of some, you know, I've always been artistic and I've had sort of a passion for that. And I was decorating homes and things like that. And had a friend who owned an events business and actually the wife of a guy that worked for my husband. That's how we got to know each other. He worked for my husband and, you know, I just once said to her, you know, I'd love to help. If you ever need an extra hands, I'd love to help out in an event. She was kind of like, okay, well, if you,

If you think so, and

She brought me in, and that was one of the first that we were at together. Within just a very short time, she was like, okay, I don't want to do weddings anymore. I want to focus on corporate. I want to focus on nonprofit. I would like to sell you this part of the wedding. I want to sell you the wedding assistance. I don't want to do this anymore. The weddings piece of it. And very quickly this whole thing took off. It, it just kind of happened rebranded and things have, I mean, that's a very quick nutshell as far as how things have materialized, but that is, yeah, it was a crazy, it was a crazy, crazy time. Yeah. So that's the very, very short version of my past life.

Once you get into the wedding business, it's hard to get out because it's so much fun and it's, while it is, especially in your field, a huge job, it's very rewarding. And like I said, fun job.

It, it it's, it's harder than people think. They don't think about the number. I mean, the communication that I have between each individual vendor on every single event, I mean, I might send 20 or 30 emails just to a florist regarding this, not to mention all the meetings in person, the cross-checking of the rentals versus the floor plan versus, you know, the, all the pieces. Okay. Wait, which bouquet was it? She loves so much. What flower was it? She hated and, you know, trying to make sure every little detail is exactly perfect, making sure that all of those vendors are in place and giving each, each vendor that needs it. You know, you don't need as much. You're basically like, tell me the list.

One email, are you good Brock? Yep. Great, good.

I got this. And that's really, I mean, and there are vendors like that, but there are a lot that require a lot more hands-on and so it's very time-consuming and every bride deserves to feel that she's the only bride that I'm working with. She doesn't need to feel like she's being put on hold because of somebody else's. There are times when I have to do that. I mean, I definitely have, and thankfully most of them are understanding because they know when it's their turn, I'm going to be completely focused on them. So, you know, if I'm like, Hey, I want a big wedding this weekend, I'll get back to you on Monday or Tuesday. Most of them are pretty great with that. Yeah. I do have occasionally somebody he'll just, you know, barrage me with texts and calls and questions. And I understand that though, because they feel the urgency of that. I mean, I've got a friend who is, she's got a tile company, she makes reproduction tiles. She goes, there's no such thing as a tile emergency. And I'm like, yeah, fair enough. I was like, but there is a wedding emergency, you know, she's like, I can turn my phone off and not answered over the weekend. She was like, I see why you can't. I see why these things, these things completely take over people's lives sometimes. So yeah.

Well, interesting. We're all getting to know a man.

Well, tell me about you then Brock let's hear your background.

Well, I, I have always been in into music. I've been a singer. I have a singing background been in radio since I was 15. And so when I,

What does that mean? Since you were 15, were you actually working at radio station?

I had a radio station behind my house. Oh, that's cool. That I would go and I'll throw the ball over

The fence and say, oops, can I come over? Well, I

Met the guy at a parade in Southwest city, Missouri, and he said, what do you want to do with your laugh? But he was a dude. So he sounded, what do you want to do?

Okay. A little different. And I said, I want to be impressionist. So yeah,

A radio DJ. And I think at that time I was like 12. He said, when you turned 14, 15, let me know and I'll give you a job. So I did. And I wasn't like on the air or anything. We were more of a satellite station. So I did that, went to college after college I got a job at Arvest bank and then was on American idol and out of that, because I wanted to be in radio. But unless, you know, the right people, it's hard to get into radio. So out of that, I was interviewing with radio morning shows about my experience on American idol. This was 2005 and met a guy to radio station. And he was looking for, he had a DJ company locally. And when I was looking for DJs and I'm like, Oh, that'd be great. Never done it.

Love to do it. No music kind of got thrown into it. The, my first event training, he had another one of his DJs equipment go down and I ended up deejaying the whole event. I was never trained or anything. It was kinda, yeah, it was kinda crazy. And I remember the first wedding I did with him, never done a wedding, never had really been to a wedding. The wedding line, it was at the old Clarion in Bentonville lasted two hours out of five because the couple were like, Hey, we want to get out of here. We don't want to have a party. We just want to go. Okay. Okay. And they did their first dance and all 300 people that were there. I'm like, all right, we're going to do a

Wedding was over. Oh my goodness.

That was my first experience in weddings. So the only reason I, so after, after meeting that guy and started deejaying for him, I got a job at the radio station. He worked at interesting, which was Hotmix at the time and got a morning show. And the only reason I kept deejaying besides the fact that I loved it is to supplement my income because radio DJs do not make a lot of money. And it, my thing was I have to do at least one event a month to be able to pay all my bills and survive and have a little bit of money. So I would DJ for him on the weekends with his company. And then my personality and brain grew and people started asking me, Hey, we want you to DJ. And so I started stealing equipment from the radio station. We had, we had two speakers a microphone, like a small setup, no lights though. There were no lights. So I had to buy a couple of crappy lights. Yeah. And would do events. I remember the first wedding I ever did on my, I even have a pewter with a lot of music on it. I had an iPod, Oh my gosh, CJ, from an iPod. I can only imagine how, and I made $500 at that wedding. Wow. And they, that was great. I like that. Well, it was trash. It was so

They loved it. And they were so happy. It was in Oklahoma.

Emma, I guess they didn't know any better. And I mean, that's where the tiger King lives. So do they really know any better? Sorry. All Oklahomans. Brian,

I do. And then it kind of grew out of that and I never meant to create

Business out of it. I never meant to hire anybody. Never meant to build a team except I booked a sweet 16 and my main job was the radio. So whatever the radio had me do was priority. Right. And I booked a sweet 16 for a Friday, but a radio event came up. I'm like dog. Got it. So I looked through my friends. I'm like, who has a great personality? Who knows music? Who could do this? And my friend Corey, I hit him up. I said, come over to my house. I'm going to teach you how to run my computer. You're going to DJ and event. Okay. And he ended up becoming one of the best DJs ever on my team. He has since passed away, unfortunately, but he was awesome. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And he moved to Tulsa before he passed away and became one of the biggest and best DJs there in the country area.

Yeah. Very interesting, crazy side story. But he only started because I needed somebody to help me. And then it grew from there, then booking more and more weddings, more and more events and like, well there's two or three this day, you know? So I'm having to find more guys and train more guys. And then it just grew into Brock entertainment. That is fascinating. And I started my own, you know, I quit with the other DJ company, started my own company and then it grew from two, three guys to now there's around 20 of us. But it all was just because I need this to supplement my income. And then I loved it so much that I'm like, man, I don't want to stop doing this. Even though in this industry, you sacrifice because you don't really have weekends.

And nobody seems to understand that Monday is your only Sunday. They back to work. You'll get back to work on Monday morning. So yeah, yeah,

Yeah. I never meant to do this full-time it was never meant to be

Relate to that. It kind of a fill, it was a fill for a little after a year

Two at the, after starting this at the radio station, this Mitt made way more than the radio station. So the radio station just became a hobby because I moved to getting paid nothing. And then when I was finally laid off in 2011 from the radio station, I was like, Oh, okay. Now I actually don't have to go into a job, which is nice. I can focus more on building this and yeah, that is amazing. Entertainment happened. Entertainment was born. Now we do three to 500 events a year. I would say crazy to really wrap your brain around them. Right. Which is not just weddings, but lots of charity events lots of birthday parties, you know, anything and everything. If people want music, we'll be there. We've done one year old birthday parties, which is crazy because the one year old doesn't really care. They're not really the app, but the family,

Family cares. You've done school events for my kids. I mean, you know, you've you guys, you show up and you do the job when, when I need you. So that's great. I, you know,

Yeah. We, we, we were fortunate. We are almost always available. So we've gotten calls, Hey, the DJ didn't show up to our wedding. Can you be here? Like when now yeah, we'll be there. Okay.

I was about to call you one. I've had a situation. I never, I didn't have to. They showed up, I had a band that had gotten a, it was actually Stephanie's wedding and she knows the story now, but we had a band scheduled. They call me, you know, about the time they should be, they're getting set up and they're like, Hey, they're on the way from Nashville. We have flat, tired, some kind of trouble. I don't know what it was. We're on the side of the road. We're trying to get this figured out Donna was going on. Meanwhile, Stephanie knows what I mean. She's from my team. She knows, she knows that things go wrong. And she, she knows how to read me pretty well better than anybody else. And she knows something's going on, but I won't tell her what. And I literally had pulled your number off on my phone and I was this close to texting you and going okay in here, please. I need to just anything, anything, because I don't have any backup. I don't even have, there's no sound system here even where I can plug in and out. I just need, I need music. So yeah.

Yeah. We've done that so many times, so many times,

Good to know Brock Brock for hire the last minute guys on the team. And that's a blessing for that,

But the right triples when that happens, kidding. And if, if you're not willing to pay, then you don't really want to have a party. Right? God. So yeah, this you know, I love being in this industry. It's a lot of fun. And you know, I mean in this area, Northwest Arkansas is where we both live. It's pretty tight knit. You, you make friends with everybody and you help each other out. So very much so. Yeah. I'm excited about this podcast. I hope everybody listening is excited as well. We're going to delve into, we got so many stories because we've been a part of so many

Crazy stories, but we will protect the names of the NSA. Yes,

For sure. Happy stories, horror stories, but you know what the best thing about you and you know, I like to say our team, if there's something that happens at a wedding, the bride and groom will never know, no, not at Tufts, you know, cause a lot of weddings, we don't have a wedding planner at and we have to be the makeshift wedding planner and like, well this is happening. This is happening. Okay. We'll just work through it. Yeah. You know, which I totally respect. And I love that. You're

Able to do that because I know how difficult my job is. I don't want to add your job onto my job. So I, you know, I can completely respect how difficult it is when you have to throw in an extra layer of work.

Right. So we're going to help other vendors with, you know, some inside knowledge. And if you're planning your wedding, you're going to learn the, the traits that are or the, what's the word I'm looking for? The, the things that are hot right now, trends, trends, not traits, trend. Where are we going with that? We're going to learn the trends, which you know a lot about I, I'm more the music guy. And we're gonna help you plan your wedding. So it'll be the best possible wedding. And should you hire a planner or not the answer's yes. It's always, yes. Should you hire a DJ or a band that's up to you?

I think it did. Well, that's an interesting conversation though, because you know, that's one of the very first things I talked to a couple about, you know, is like specific vendors, you know, you want to use and it's, I wouldn't say it's polarizing because people don't get offended by it, but it's, you know, do you, do you like the atmosphere of a live musician or do you like the song as it's supposed to be played? And I think that's the big question people have to really? Yeah. That's kind of what it comes down to. So, you know, I never want you to get bent because I didn't hire you for a wedding, but it's because they genuinely, it's the atmosphere of a live music versus Nope. I just, I want the song as it's supposed to be. I want to hear, you know, that artist sing their song the way they're supposed to sing it. So that's truly, to me in my experience, what it's come down to. Yeah, there he is. I don't have anything for wedding planners. Well, I'm sure you do.

Do you want your wedding to run smoothly or do you not?

I would hope the answer to that would

Be well, I'm excited about this podcast is we're going to have a lot of fun and that's a little introduction about us. If you need anything from us, you can always follow us on social we're. I do IQ podcast on Instagram and Facebook.

I did not know that. Now I know that. Thank you for sharing.

That's it. Any questions you might have follow us and we're going to have some fun. Are you ready? Ready? All right. Let's do this. Thanks so much for

Listen and make sure to subscribe and expect a new, exciting episode each and every week. Please follow us on social as well at IDOIQ podcasts. If you have a guest recommendation or a topic you would like to hear discussed on the podcast, please let us know. The IDOIQ podcast is recorded at the most amazing studio in Northwest Arkansas, by the most amazing and best booking people in all the world GO Rogue X. You can follow them on social as well @goroguex or visit them online at goroguex.com. They truly are amazing. And if you're looking to start a podcast, they are your go-to people. Also a big shout out to our creative people. David Kenny, from Forward all the way from the great state of Michigan, you can check his website out the forwardcreative.com for all your logo and design needs. And for more information on Brock and Amanda, please visit djbrockentertainment.com and AmandaReedweddings.com. Thank you again. And we'll see you on the next episode.

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